Roger Kimmel: Not Your Ordinary Man

With an an estimated worth of $2.17 million, Roger H.Kimmel is no ordinary guy. He own 26,074 stock units of Endo International. Those are worth almost a million dollars. That being said, he already sold around $700,000 worth of END stocks over the last three years. As a an Independent Chairman of the Board at Endo International, he also makes an additional $500,000 a year. Not bad at all for a septuagenarian.

This 71 year old has more on his plate than a regular guy in his prime. Currently, Roger Kimmel is still teaching aspiring lawyers his craft at a prestigious law school. This endeavor is not surprising as he has a long history with the education sector. He was chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Virginia School of Law Foundation from 2009 to 2015. In addition, he was also a director of the Riverdale Country School from 2010 to 2016. His passion for education is evident in how he kept these positions in spite of his busy schedule. He himself has an undergraduate degree from George Washington University and a graduate degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. His education has set the tone for his life

A corporate man, Roger Kimmel is also a part of the board of Rothschild Inc, acting in capacity as the vice chairman. Before that significant event, he was one of partners in the office of Latham & Watkins, a law firm. He worked there for 5 years and his practice focused on governance in the corporate setting, capitalist economy, as well as, the exciting agenda of mergers and acquisitions. Roger Kimmel has also served on the board at Weider Health & Fitness and Schiff Nutritional International Inc. His background on corporate governance is rock solid, having gained many years of experience both as a leader and mentor in various companies and public endeavors.

Aside from that, Roger Kimmel is also a founder of Algos Pharmaceutical Corp. This overachiever has also served on several public company boards in different industries. These diverse fields include software development to pharmaceuticals, to utilities, to nutrition, even to productions fit for the silver screen. How he manages to keep everything on his plate balanced is a fascinating thing.

Noteworthy, Roger Kimmel is also a director of PG&E Corp, a company that supplies gas. While there, he became an active member of PG&E’s various committees. He was part of the nominating committee, as well as finance and governance. The same public utility company had a public policy and compliance committee, where the ever busy Kimmel, also became the chairman.

As if all those achievements are not enough, Roger Kimmel also became a director of Chairman’s Forum Inc. This is a program set up by industry leaders where they hope to exchange ideas and learn from their fellow peers. It was formed to discuss popular issues related the concepts of being a leader and mentor while serving on a board. The other goal of this forum is to develop and improve leadership in public companies. It is not surprising that his peers value his insight and take pleasure in his company because of his fascinating mind that seems to never slack off based on his track record.

Because of his extensive background, Kimmel has been tapped as an esteemed guest speaker on the the topic of the “Best Practices for Board Effectiveness in Turbulent Times.” He has also spoken extensively on the role of members of the board in handling and managing private equity firms. He had his talk at at the Corporate Governance Aspects of Private Equity Transactions and at the Director’s Institute. With his gift of gab and in depth experience in various industries, he is pretty much tapped as a regular spokesperson on various topics. Indeed, Roger Kimmel is one of a kind.

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