The Illustrious Life And Career Of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has been in academics and politics her entire life. Before joining politics in 2013, she used to be a professor of bankruptcy law. At the moment she represents Massachusetts in the United States congress as the senior senator, a position she has held since 2013. While at the Senate she has specialized on a number of issues that include social safety net, economic opportunity as well as consumer protection. She studied law at the University of Houston as well as Rutgers Law School. Her illustrious career has seen her lecture at several universities that include Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania as well as the University of Texas Austin. She has also taught the University of Houston in Texas. When it comes to writing books she has written three books as the sole author and has also coauthored in six books. She has participated in formulating public policies for the last 23 years with her first involvement being in 1995. She unsuccessfully fought to restrict an act in 1995 that required bankruptcy access for Americans. She shot to the limelight in late 2000s when she suggested a number of banking regulations that were proposed after the 2007-08 financial crisis. When the Asset Relief Program was formed a decade ago, she acted as its chair. She also played the role of the first Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Elizabeth Warren announced that she would be vying for the 2020 presidential election on 9th February 2019.

Elizabeth Warren spent her childhood in Oklahoma City. She was born to middle class parents as the fourth born on 22nd June 1949. Her dad was Donald Jones Herring while her mum was known as Pauline Reed. Later in life she described her family as a family that hang on the edges and one that lived on its fingernails. While growing up she was a devoted Methodist and grew alongside three brothers. She had a tough childhood as her father had a heart attack when she was 12 years. This meant more bills for his family and his father also received a pay cut due to under achievement. She attended Northwest Classen High School where she was a star member in the debate team. She also attended George Washington University. Her dream of becoming a teacher failed to materialize when she dropped out of school to marry the love of his life Jim Warren. The two met while they were at high school. The two would later move to Houston when she got a job with IBM. While at the city she decided to pursue a degree in audiology and pathology from the University of Houston. Later in life they moved to New Jersey because of a job transfer. This was the time that she discovered that she was pregnant and she decided to resign and take care of her daughter. It was during her time in New Jersey that she decided to enroll in Rutgers Law School where she graduated with a degree in Law. Elizabeth Warren is believed to have a net worth of around 11 million dollars.

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