Trump Doesn’t Want McGahn To Rat On Him But Annie Donaldson Already Did That With Mueller

Miro Hirono the Democratic senator from Hawaii did something during the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that shows she’s had enough of Bill Barr and Donald Trump. Hirono asked Barr if he thought Congress was stupid. She told him he’s no better than any of the other Republicans who stay silent or lie while the president urinates on the constitution.

At one point, during her five-minute question-and-answer session with Barr, she called the attorney general a liar. That remark prompted other Democrats to publically call the president a liar. Lindsey Graham, the committee chairman, tried to intimidate Hirono when he cut her off and said she slandered Barr, and he didn’t appreciate it. But Graham’s comments didn’t stop Miro from bringing the political kettle to a boil in the Senate. Anytime the Mueller report comes up, some Republicans run and hide while others try to defend Trump.

Mr. Trump is back on the Clinton and Obama slander wagon. Mrs. Clinton wants a large piece of Trump. But Peter Baker’s book Obama: The Call of History claims Obama called Trump a peddler of BS after his first meeting with the Trumpster. Peter Baker is the White House Correspondent for the New York Times. Baker’s book also claims Obama couldn’t believe Clinton lost the election to a buffoon whose resume includes serial marriages, several major bankruptcies that cost American banks millions.

Obama makes a point of not bashing Trump in public, but Baker’s book tears the covers off of Obama’s private disappointment and anger. But in terms of revenge, Trump obsession with Hillary Clinton takes precedence. Hillary recently told one of the late night show hosts she hopes one of the Democrats asked China for Trump’s tax returns. She said the candidate could use the same approach Trump did when he asked Russia for her emails.

But the real legal threat that keeps Trump up at night is White House lawyer Annie Donaldson’s notes. Annie was Don McGahn’s chief of staff before she reigned at the end of 2018. Every meeting, call, and casual interaction between McGahn and Trump are in Donaldson’s handwritten notes and memos. And she shared all her noted with Bob Mueller.

Donaldson knows Congress wants to talk to her. Jerry Nadler mentioned her name during a recent conversation with the press. Mr. Trump may stop McGahn from testifying. But Annie’s notes are public now. According to her notes, Trump tried to obstruct justice several times even though McGahn told him to stop doing it.

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