Trump Wants To Investigate The Investigators

Barr wants to protect the president instead of doing his job, according to Senator Kamala Harris and a boatload of Democrats who believe Attorney General Barr is a Trump loyalist. Barr denies giving the president a pass after reading the Mueller report. But according to Barr’s Senate testimony, he didn’t read the notes investigators wrote to verify their claims in the report.

Senator Harris wants the inspector general of the Department of Justice to investigate Barr for acting like the president’s personal attorney general. Harris told reporters Barr was unable or didn’t want to answer her questions. She asked Barr if Trump asked him to investigate his political enemies, and Barr dodged the question.

Kim Jon Un has a lot of questions for the president. He’s tired of waiting for Trump to apologize for walking out on him in Hanoi. Kim lost face with the people of North Korean when he let Trump get away without lifting some U.S. sanctions. Kim knows Trump has domestic issues, but he wants Trump to refocus on his situation.

Mr. Kim went to Russia, and he came away from his meeting with Russian President Putin with a smile on his face. Putin wants to do business with North Korea again. Kim’s father was a big Russian supporter. During his reign, Russia helped build factories and infrastructure in North Korea.

Mr. Trump responded to Kim’s recent ballistic missile temper tantrum in true Trump fashion. The president said Kim knows he’ll keep his word and follow through on their deal. But Kim knows Trump’s word is like melting snow. It disappears quickly when Trump realizes he is in over his head. Any deal with North Korea that stops short of Kim giving up his nuclear ambitions won’t have Republican support, according to the Washington Post.

Trump still claims Kim will comply with his request to denuke even though South Korean President Moon claims Kim won’t give up all his weapons. Putin and China want Trump to agree on a gradual denuking process, but Japanese President Abe is against that proposal, and so is Congress.

The president has a new slogan for the 2020 election. Instead of “Lock Her Up” it’s “Investigate the Investigators. Trump claims the FBI spied on his campaign. Barr agreed to open an investigation. But former FBI Director James Comey said the FBI was just doing its job when an FBI agent posing as an Australian diplomat told the bureau a Trump campaign official said Russia had dirt on Clinton.

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