Trump’s Ghostwriter Thinks The Trumpster Is A Psychopathic Ego Loving Liar

Nancy Pelosi gave Trump a dose of what he gives out when gets fired up. Nancy didn’t counter with a policy blunder. She hit Trump with that “cover-up” punch. And the “temper tantrum” gab. That Balboa style combination pushed Trump’s ego to the red zone ropes. He lied so much about the infrastructure meeting he had to bring a bunch of White House aides on camera to verify the lie he told them to lie about.

Nancy thinks Don Sr. lying lucidity is about to crack into a raging imbecilic eruption. Pelosi recommended an intervention. George Conway brought up the “cover-up” Trump never “covered-up” when he paid two women to keep quiet about his urge to have that kinky Boot kind of sex.

Mr. Trump decided to make Schumer and Pelosi wait 15 minutes before he gave them his three-minute hissy fit. Infrastructure is Trump’s hostage this time. He blames Pelosi and the Democrats for losing his temper. But some news reports claim it’s all an act. Trump would love an impeachment fight.

His political and ethical defiance screams impeachment, according to the New York Times. He knows the backboneless senate has his mobster back. But he can’t win the battle for positive public opinion when all the things Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz said about him come to the surface with the dirty Russian laundry from the Mueller report. In other words, all the stuff Bill Barr left out to protect the president.

Lindsey Graham decided to visit Fox News to make sure Trump saw him dip his slippery Trumpian words into a vat of get-some-kind-of-infrastructure bill done before your financial information hits the news. Graham wants to play golf at Mar-a-Lago this summer. He saw that $102 million golf bill taxpayers paid for him and all of Trump’s band of capitalistic pundits to play 18 on Trump’s golf courses. The Trump Organization makes money from Trump’s political associates. Don Sr. is still the CEO.

Tony Schwartz was the pen behind Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal.” Schwartz still receives royalty checks, but he claims working on the book was a huge mistake. He painted a Dorian Gray picture of Trump.

In essence, Tony confirms George Conway’s claim that Trump is a psychopathic narcissist. Schwartz told CBS the Trumpster is a soulless, heartless bastard who craves ego domination above all else. Trump doesn’t deny it. He’s a genius according to his way of looking at things.

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