Trump’s Old Tax Returns Tell A Different “Art Of The Deal” Story According To The New York Times

Mr. Trump tied a six-shooter to his McDonald’s loving waist, and he wants an OK Corral meeting with the Iranians. Israel’s reelected warmonger Ben Netanyahu wants to force Iran into a shooting war, and Billy, The Trump Kid, sent a fleet of warships to the Middle East to show Iran he can teach them a lesson, his sanctions can’t teach them.

Mike Pompeo and Mike Bolton have a hard-on for Iran. Pompeo the world a lame story why Trump wants to start a war Congress won’t approve while he had tea in London. News reports say Iran made a move against the United States, and that gave Trump a reason to waste taxpayers’ money.

Trump likes it when his homies want to start something. He has his hands full trying to calm Congress down now that he told them to go shove it. He told Don McGahn to ignore Congress. Trump thinks he has Don’s back, but his executive privilege immunity challenge doesn’t work when the material is already public knowledge.

Iran doesn’t give two flips about Trump’s sanctions. But they would like him to act like he respects them as humans. But with Netanyahu’s plan to steal the Golan Heights, and Bolton and Pompeo beating war drums, Trump is the commander-in-crime he always wanted to be. He is a general’s general, according to his rhetoric. But his strongman tactics don’t work on the Chinese. They just gave Trump a raging fit of incompetence when they sent the 150-page agreement back with Bill Barr-type black marks all over it.

According to the Chinese, Trump’s tariff threats don’t both them. Their economy is twice as great as Trump’s great economy. And they don’t pay the U.S. government the tariffs Trump put in place. American consumers are the fools in this Trump con job. Wholesaler and retailers pay the tariff percentage, and they pass the cost on to consumers. Washing machines went up $82 a unit this year thanks to Trump’s Tariffs.

Mr. Trump started talking in mobster lingo when the New York Times claimed they found an old transcript of Trump’s tax returns. Trump said the Times did a “hit Job” on him. The 1985 thru 1994 tax returns show Trump was deeply in debt, but his book Art of the Deal told a different story about that period in his business life. He milked his casino and airline losses long after the milk dried up. He didn’t owe income taxes in eight of those ten years thanks to creative financial storytelling, according to the Times.

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