‘Designated Survivor’ Gets Resurrected on Netflix

Netflix has been the savior for a variety of shows that have been cancelled by other networks. For example, A&E pulled the plug on the western drama “Longmire” after three seasons. Netflix would decide to pick up the acclaimed series and produce three additional seasons. Now “Designated Survivor” can be added to the list of shows that are able to carry on thanks to the streaming service’s need for original content. ABC axed the series last year after two seasons. The ratings for the show were never spectacular. Therefore, ABC could not justify the very high production costs. Netflix swooped in and agreed to produce a third season that will consist of 10 episodes. The new season will debut June 7th.

Kiefer Sutherland plays the President of the United States, Tom Kirkman. When the series begins, he was the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, there was a bomb attack on the Capitol Building during the State of the Union address that kills all of the top politicians in the government. Kirkman was not present because he was the designated survivor who would become president if everyone else dies. Kirkman is sworn in as president after the attack. The show then slowly starts to unfold complicated plots that involve terrorism, bribery, extortion and murder. It has been praised for its writing and acting. Sutherland has been quoted as saying that “Designated Survivor” is one of the best projects he has ever been involved with.

Veteran actors Lauren Holly and Anthony Edwards will be joining the cast for the third season. Producers have revealed that there will be a major death at some point in the season. There will be several very sensitive issues that will be key plot points. This is in keeping with the first two seasons of the show. Netflix wanted the series to keep focusing on issues that impact the world we live in.

Some of the topics that will be a part of season three will include the opioid epidemic that has cost thousands of American citizens their lives. Gay and lesbian rights issues will be part of the plot. There will also be episodes that involve euthanasia and terrorism using biological weapons. In other words, there is not a single topic that the writers of “Designated Survivor” are afraid to tackle. Netflix has not decided on renewing the show for a fourth season.

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