Christopher Cantwell Surrenders to the Police

According to news from Virginia, Christopher Cantwell has finally turned himself to the police. For starters, Christopher Cantwell is a white nationalist who became famous for the just concluded Charlottesville protests where he appeared in a documentary. He is a known member of the Ku Klux Klan and has links to N. He turned himself to the police after various warrants were signed by state and federal judges for his arrest. Christopher Cantwell is 36 years old and had been accused of two felonies by the University of Virginia Police Department. First, he was accused of harming people maliciously through a caustic substance. Second, the police said that they had charged him with unauthorized use of tear gas. The warrant was issued for the torch-lit march that was held on the University of Virginia grounds before major demonstrations broke the following day that resulted in the death of a 32-year-old woman after an Ohio man drove a car into the protestors. The University of Virginia police department released a short statement saying that they had received information from Lynchburg Police Department that Christopher Cantwell had turned himself in. However, the department did not specify when Christopher Cantwell turned himself to the police.

The police said that Christopher Cantwell is currently at Blue Ridge Regional Jail that is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. During the course of Thursday, the suspect will be moved to Charlottesville where charges will be pressed against him. Christopher Cantwell had earlier mentioned that he would turn himself to the police if necessary. An organization known as Southern Poverty Center mentioned that they had talked to Christopher Cantwell on the phone. They said that during the talk, the suspect told them that he was in the process of turning himself to the authorities. Many people refer to him as a self-described white nationalist. He became popular when the Vice News documentary featured him. This is a documentary that has been watched by over 44 million people by now. During the interview, Christopher Cantwell is caught on camera saying that Heather Heyer deserved what she got. He also warned that more people would follow the same path before the white nationalists are done with those who oppose them. In an earlier video, he appeared distressed and crying after news emerged that arrest warrants had been issued. This is a video that saw him criticized by many of his followers. He said that he is likely to be charged for using pepper spray on protestors.