New Rumors Reveal Potential Joker Movie in the Works

Many moviegoers fled to see The Dark Knight which is still one of highest grossing films of all time. A majority of critics felt that Heath Ledger’s iconic performance as the Joker in this film stole the show. Screen Rant states that Warner Bros is looking to create a new film, focusing on this legendary Batman villain. This new Joker origin story looks to be extremely different from anything done in the DC film universe.

The DC film universe has seen increased popularity with the success of the recent Wonder Woman film adaptation. This new Joker origin film looks to be a major departure from standard Batman fare. Warner Bros has attached a few legendary names to the early stages of this project. According to the announcement by Warner Bros, Martin Scorsese is set to produce this film. News of Scorsese being involved with a superhero movie will amaze many movie fans. Scorsese is best known for a string of critically acclaimed movies in the crime genre including Goodfellas and Taxi Driver.

Not many in the entertainment industry are sure where this project will end up going, since it’s in such early stages of development. The part of the Joker has currently not been cast. It’s reported that this new Joker film will focus on his origins, featuring him as a child growing up in the 1980s.

A recent interview with actor Brendan Schaub mentioned that he had information that was passed down from a few people close to director Todd Phillips. This movie will be very gritty and could have the Joker be the victim of bullying. The issue of the Joker dealing with bullies would be different from previous character origin stories.

Another issue is how fans will react to the source material of such an iconic villain being completely changed. Many fans prefer to keep the exact origins of the Joker a mystery. Jared Leto’s recent portrayal of the Joker in Suicide Squad was radically different and drew the ire of many fans and critics alike.

In summary, many people in Hollywood are buzzing about a new Joker movie being released. It should be noted that this film is in extremely early stages of development. In some cases, certain actors, directors, and producers may change as time goes on. It’s certainly shocking to many people to see legendary mob movie maker Martin Scorsese attached to this project.