An Interview with John McCain

During his first televised interview since he was diagnosed with brain cancer, John McCain had a lot to say about his battle with cancer. He said that this is one of the battles that he has ever faced in his life. John McCain said that he was facing a challenge. He was talking to the State of the Union that was hosted by CNN. He told his viewers that he had faced a lot of challenges in his life and he has overcome them. The Arizona Republican Senator said that he was very confident that he would win this battle as well. John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer in July, and he was talking to Jake Tapper of the CNN. He told Jeff that he was fighting with a rare form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma which is very aggressive. During the interview, he was reflective, upbeat as well as somber about a career that has so many stories to tell. John McCain is currently 81 years old and has been in the senate for six terms. His illustrious career has also seen him run for the presidency two times. During his time in the Navy, McCain spent five years a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He was captured by the Viet Com after his jet was brought down by a missile.

According to John McCain, he said that every life must come to an end one way or the other. At the moment, the Arizona Senator serves on the Senate Armed Services Committee as the chairman. He explained that he had undergone radiation treatments as well as chemotherapy after he was diagnosed with the disease. This was supposed to remove the brain tumor. He then said that he would be going back for a magnetic resonance imaging test the following Monday. John McCain said that this test should be able to reveal more. John said that everything was going as planned and that he was very grateful. He also said that he didn’t experience any side effects. The only thing that has changed about him is that he has increased energy. He mentioned that there are many technologies that are playing a crucial role in fighting the condition. He could not reveal the details of the technologies. During the interview, John McCain highlighted the 2000 presidential moments as the proudest moments in his life. He says that he managed to give George Bush the battle of a life time.

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