Gigi Hadid Warned Not To Attend Victoria’s Secret Show in China

By now, most celebrities understand that the internet does not forgive easily and it rarely, if ever, forgets. This is a lesson Gigi Hadid is learning anew, following her announcement that she would be walking the runway at Victoria’s Secret’s China show. It seems the announcement drudged up an ugly incident from sister Bella Hadid’s younger days.
The Bella Hadid Video That Started it All
Gigi Hadid‘s latest social media backlash was stirred by a video she shared in which she announced that Victoria’s Secret invited her to walk the runway for their China show. The model couldn’t contain her excitement, revealing that she has been hoping to be invited to rejoin the Victoria’s Secret team once again.
Unfortunately, Ms. Hadid’s excitement was soon dashed by the backlash, which was prompted by another video. The earlier Instagram share, posted by sister Bella Hadid, showed the two models holding up a cookie shaped like the Buddha. In the video, the girls are holding the cookie up, as they laugh and squint their eyes to mock the revered figure’s face.
That first video has since been deleted, but not before a number of users saved and downloaded the video. While it might be gone from Bella’s own account, that video will likely live on forever across the world wide web.
Public Outcry Begs “Racist” Gigi Hadid to Stay Out of China
“Gigi Hadid is Asian racist, Gigi will not be welcomed in China. Just get out of my country,” tweeted one Chinese Twitter user.
There were many others on Twitter, whose comments basically beg the model to stay out of China. Many of them directly call Gigi a racist, while others simply request that she turn down Victoria’s Secret and stay at home.
While reps for the model haven’t commented on the incident, a text sent from Gigi to Kendall Jenner has surfaced explaining that the video was taken out of context. Hadid explains that the media blew the incident out of proportion and says she’s saddened to learn that it has hurt her fans. She added that she hopes her Asian fans will give her the opportunity to prove herself to them, because she plans to show her followers in China just how much love she has for them.
Whether the text was genuine or not is anyone’s guess, but, either way, it seems unlikely that Gigi Hadid would cancel her Victoria’s Secret gig to appease the public. Yet, she’ll be on her best behavior, because now she knows thye online community will be watching.