Iran Accused of Supporting Yemen Militants

The United States has discovered that Iran still smuggles illicit technology and weapons into Yemen. The result of these deals is continued civil strife in the country. At the same time, these weapons are enabling rebels who reside in Yemen to attack Saudi Arabia with far-reaching weapons that are also precise. This is not the first time that Iran has been accused of these tactics. These arms are used to escalate the war between the Houthis which is the ousted government and rebels from the North of Yemen. Kevin M. Donegan noted that through the continued supply of weapons, the Houthis are increasing their arsenal. Among the weapons that are being smuggled include explosive boats, deadly sea mines as well as ballistic missiles and anti-ship missiles. All these weapons have been used to attack Saudi Arabia from the Red Sea. This has resulted in retaliatory attacks from allied forces in the region that include the United States and Saudi Arabia. As a result, some Houthi-held coastal regions have been recaptured. Admiral Donegan said that these weapons were not present before the war began. He further emphasized that it’s not rocket science that these weapons are available now. He also speculated that the rebels might be receiving intelligence, advice, and training on how to use these weapons. Donegan held an hour-long interview on the phone. He is currently based in Bahrain where the Fifth Fleet headquarters is located.

These comments come at a crucial time when the president of the United States is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly. Deep issues that the president is likely to touch on include the nuclear agreement with Iran together with other world powers. The Trump administration is also expected to review the foreign policy related to Iran targeting the role of the nation in the growing influence of Islamic State in Syria. During the interview that covered a variety of topics, Admiral Donegan also said that the recent crisis between Qatar and its neighbors has not affected the war on terrorism. For starters, Qatar was involved in a confrontation with six nations including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia after Qatar was accused of financing militants. When asked about the problems that arose after the recent 24-hour stand-down of US Navy ships, the admiral refused to comment citing security reasons. However, it had been revealed earlier that the mission was to look into operational procedures as well as safety practices.