The American Economy Still Needs Immigrants

Truth be told, the United States still requires low skilled immigrants in their numbers. This is because the baby boom generation is likely to age out of the labor force in the next 15- 30 years. Recent research in this area has shown that the jobs that are likely to grow between 2014 and 2024 do not require schooling or education. These jobs include janitors, food preparation workers as well as home health aides. The last job to experience growth in this area is personal care. One person who talked about this issue is a University of California, Berkeley economics professor known as David Card. The professor says that there will be older people in the United States in the coming few years which will result in low skilled workers. What people should realize is that low skilled immigration is not solely based on filling the holes in employment. Instead, people should understand that the women taking care of trash in America, as well as the men who wash dishes in restaurants in America, have improved the nation in one way or the other. In today’s world, the politics surrounding immigration emphasizes that these low-skilled workers are responsible for depressing wages in America while at the same time taking jobs away from Americans.

This reasoning is behind the promise by President Trump to depot the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The president has a plan of reducing these immigrants by half and also create a system that will only leave skilled immigrants in the United States. What the president and his team don’t understand is that despite being immigrants, these people are also involved in the consumption of the services and goods made in the United States. The team also fails to recognize that these immigrants are responsible for reducing prices of commodities while at the same time raising the economic output of the country through the cheap labor. According to a report released by the National Academies, children of illegal immigrants are more skilled compared to American natives’ children. Unlike the political debate, these workers don’t pose an immediate threat to the less educated Americans. This reasoning fails to acknowledge that the natives and the immigrants possess differences that are consistent. At the end of the day, an American high school dropout will have opportunities that an illegal immigrant cannot enjoy. The inability to speak English is one distinct difference.