Waiakea Water Releases the First Fully-Degradable Water Bottle

Waiakea Water has Developed a Fully Biodegradable Water Bottle

In the few short years that Waiakea Water has been in existence, they have made enormous strides in separating themselves from being just another company in a sea of water bottling manufacturers. Although Waiakea, Inc. has only been in operation since 2012, the dream of the company of developing a renewable bio-polymer that makes a fully-degradable and recyclable water bottles has already been achieved this year.

Waiakea, Inc. is releasing their new plastic water bottle that is going to revolutionize the way the world looks at plastic and how the industry as a whole will soon be forced to utilize more responsible manufacturing practices.

Commitment to Excellence From the Start

Waiakea Water is Sustainably Sourced and Naturally Filtered from a Volcano in HawaiiWhen Waiakea, Inc. first came on the scene in 2012, the company already was separating themselves from the competition because of their unique water purification process. Not only was the Hawaiian aquifer acquiring millions of gallons of fresh water from the mountains each day, the water traveled through narrow volcanic rock to strip away all contaminants, resulting in the purest and best tasting water in the world. As if that was not enough, the Waiakea Water team wanted to simply be a more responsible company, and they decided early on that the plastic bottles they made used 85% less energy to manufacturer and reduced carbon emissions by over 90%. Unlike traditional plastic water bottles, every Waiakea Water bottle was 100% RPET, made only from recycled materials.

Waiakea Water Improving on Past Successes

While the Waiakea Water company came right out of the gate with a water bottle that was environmentally friendly, CEO Ryan Emmons was still not satisfied. Over a five-year period, his company took part in thousands of experiments to improve the plastic water bottle, despite it already being the best in the industry. This year, Waiakea Water was able to finally made a historic breakthrough. With the help of TimePlast, Waiakea Water is releasing the very first fully-degradable 100% recyclable plastic bottle. Despite years of unparalleled success, this historic initiative marks another major leap toward 100 percent sustainability. The company hopes the additive used for the nano-degradation of plastic will become an industry standard once the benefits are realized.

Why the Desire to Improve Upon Perfection?

The success that Waiakea Water has seen in only a few years in business would be welcomed by just about any other water bottling company. Why then does CEO Ryan Emmons and Waiakea Water feel they have to continue to try and be better? Part of the motto of the company is to drink ethically, and providing the best tasting water to the world while millions of people around the planet are not able to even access clean water just does not sit well with the company. As a team, they are dedicating their success to making sure those less fortunate are not being deprived of one of the most basic human needs. On one hand, Waiakea Water wants a more green water bottle, on the other, they want to take their success and help educate and provide for those in need of clean water all over the world.

Helping in Ways Many Will Never See

Part of the reason the development of the first fully degradable plastic water bottle is so historic is that all those plastic bottles lying in the landfills will no longer be there for 1,500 years if Waiakea Water has anything to say about it. Instead of depleting natural resources irresponsibility, the new plastic water bottles at Waiakea Water will degrade in 15 years. Less trash in the landfills and oceans, less resources to make the bottles and maintain the trash, and more resources for future generations to enjoy. This allows the company to focus their efforts on partnering with Pump Aid, helping less fortunate people all over the world to tap into water sources in their land and how to preserve those natural water sources.

The Responsibility of Being an Industry Leader

While Waiakea Water appreciates being awarded for developing the best tasting water, they take that acknowledgement and feel a moral obligation to giving back. Despite the new water bottles being able to degrade 97% faster than traditional plastic bottles, the hopes of the company is not focused on profits, it is that more plastic bottling companies take Waiakea Water’s lead and become more responsible in their manufacturing processes. Emmons says that now that his company has opened the door, his sincere hope is the rest of the plastic bottle industry becomes inspired at adopting this revolutionary technology. The commercial advantages are enormous, translating to low-costs every bottling company will easily be able to absorb while changing the industry worldwide. If they follow Emmons lead, the positive benefits are limitless.

The Future is Looking Brighter

The full impact of the new fully-degradable plastic water bottle may not be seen for years, but that is not slowing down Waiakea Water from focusing their efforts on helping improve the living conditions for millions around the world. Each day, people are dying around this planet because they do not have a clean water source readily available, something many people simply take for granted each day. Waiakea Water already donates a weeks supply of clean water to those in need for every single bottle of water they sell, and with the release of the new plastic bottles it is the hopes of the company no one has to go without water in the future. Teams of Waiakea Water are deployed to poor nations to help install water pumps, teach the community how to maintain those pumps, and show those communities how important it is to conserve that natural resource.

Part of the reason Waiakea, Inc. has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies this year is because they are focusing all their resources on bettering the planet, reducing their ecological footprint, helping those less fortunate, becoming a responsible bottling company, and having a long-lasting positive impact on the world today, tomorrow, and generations into the future. Waiakea Water has made it clear they are committed to innovating their product, and eventually the industry as a whole.

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