What’s next for Angela Merkel?

Angela Merkel will serve for the fourth term as German Chancellor after her party came first in the Sunday national elections. However, critics say that the center-right Christian Democrats alongside their Bavarian allies fell short of their expectations as they scooped a third of the vote cast on Sunday. During the entire campaign period, Angela Merkel went for a campaign slogan that promised better days for the Germans. She had a slogan that read “for a Germany where life is good and we enjoy it.” With this slogan, the German chancellor wanted to assure her citizens of continued centrism, dignity, stability as well as moderation. This prevailed despite extremist politics. To the outside world, her motto was reassuring too. Angela Merkel had been crucial in world politics as she always preached consistent leadership on a number of issues. Mrs. Merkel stood for Western values, liberal democracy as well as European integration and notably, her compassion for refugees. However, the German chancellor is up for a formidable challenge in a country that has relied on coalitions for years to form a government. The process can take some few months before a government is established. History was made on Sunday when Alternative for Germany garnered enough votes to have a place in parliament. The party acquired the 13 percent threshold. This acts as the first time that an anti-European Union party that is also anti-Muslim and far-right enters the parliament in post-World War two Germany.

However, going by trends in other parts of Europe and America where populist parties have become popular, this should not be seen as a surprise. One of the main leaders of the nationalist party believes that Germans should be proud of their soldiers who participated in both wars. This has acted as a source of distress to other people and leaders who have different opinions on the issue. The greatest challenge for Angela Merkel is having to form a coalition government without her former coalition partner Social Democrats who lost yesterday. During their time together, Angela Merkel’s party managed to erode the conservative identity associated with the social democrats. The only possible option for Angela Merkel will be to form a coalition with the pro-business Democratic Party alongside the Greens. As she made her victory speech, Merkel spoke about the importance of listening to the discontented voters who opted for the Alternative for Germany. But despite the challenges, the non-ideological leadership by Merkel has been crucial.

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