Aloha Construction Gutter Cleaning and Repair Tips


Gutters are an essential part of your home. They protect your roof, siding, and infrastructure during storms from leaking and water damages. Cleaning and repairing your gutters is a low cost and low maintenance activity that can prevent expensive repairs down the road. Use our tips form Aloha Construction to maintain and upgrade your gutters yearly.

How to Spot a Gutter That Needs Repairs

Some tell tale signs that your gutter isn’t performing well are leaking or sagging.


Leaks are most obvious during rainstorms. To check your gutters for leaks, inspect them the next time it rains. Is the water overflowing from the sides? This indicates a block in your gutters. Is water leaking out of the bottom? This could mean there is a hole or a crack that needs to be sealed.


Sagging gutters are another sign to look for that all may not be right with your gutter system. Gutters begin to sag for two reasons. The first may be because it is not properly fastened to the roof anymore. The second reason is because the downspout isn’t working properly and leaves, debris, or standing water are building up inside the gutter and not draining. This extra weight puts pressure on the gutter, causing it to sag instead of run flat along the side of your roof.

How to Maintain and Upgrade Your Gutters

Gutters may look simple enough, but they’re actually made up of many parts. The two main parts are the gutter, which runs parallel to the roof, and the downspout, which runs down the side of your home. Both pieces need to be checked, maintained, and repaired yearly.


Gutter Maintenance: First, check your gutter spikes. These spikes seal the gutter to your home. If any are loose or missing, purchase new spikes to replace them and refasten the gutter to your roof. Next, inspect the gutter for any cracks or holes. These cracks and holes can cause leaks into your roof or foundation that will rot and damage your home. If you spot leaks, dry out the gutter and recaulk or reseal the leaks and holes.


Downspout Maintenance: Check the rivets which run along the downspout and hold the metal pieces together. If there are missing or loose rivets, use a rivet gun to re-secure them. Next, take a look at the splash blocks. Splash blocks diffuse the heavy water coming out of your downspout and direct it away from your home. Make sure the splash blocks are securely fastened and not sagging, facing your home, or digging a trench with water pressure.

How to Clean Your Gutters

After you have checked and upgraded any missing parts on your gutter, it is time to clean them. The best way to clean your gutters is by hand and with a pressure washer. Cleaning your gutter requires three steps.


First, set up a ladder and clean out any large pieces of organic matter and debris, like rotting leaves or fallen twigs that may have gotten stuck in your gutter. These pieces can cause blockage in the gutter, and the extra water weight will sag the gutter and leak onto the roof or home.


After everything has been cleaned out, use a pressure washer to clean the gutters and remove any finer dirt and debris in the them.


The third and final step is to check the downspouts for blockage. Run water through the gutters from top to bottom and make sure there is nothing blocking it in the downspouts. If there is, use the pressure washer to shoot it out and reopen the downspout in your gutters. If that doesn’t work, you may have to disassemble the downspout to remove larger blockages.

DIY vs. Professional Gutter Repairs

When it comes to gutter repairs, you can either DIY the cleaning and maintenance, or call Aloha Construction to take care of them for you.


DIY home repairs are easiest on a one-story home. In this case, you will only need a small ladder to reach the roof and doing the repairs on your own is not as dangerous.


Professional gutter repairs and maintenance from Aloha Construction may be necessary if you have a two-story home. In this case, you will either need a much taller ladder or to access and walk on the roof. If you need to go on your roof hire a professional, because you can cause damage to your shingles by walking on them if you do not take the proper precautions to protect them.


If you already own a ladder and a pressure washer, then DIY gutter cleaning and repair may be a cost effective choice, because you will only need to spend a few hours of your time to get it done.


However, if you find yourself searching for a pressure washer and ladder rental, you may be spending the same amount, or even more, than you would on just hiring a roofing professional from Aloha Construction to come out and take care of your gutter repairs for you. If you need gutter maintenance or repairs on your house, call Aloha Construction for a free estimate on your home. Compare the service prices to rentals in your area to make sure you are getting the best value when it comes to DIY vs. professional gutter services.


When it comes to home protection, your gutters are an integral part of keeping your roof and foundation leak and damage free. Your gutters need to be checked, maintained, and repaired yearly to ensure they continue to do their job and keep your home safe from damages. Use these tips from Aloha Construction to check your gutters for sagging or leaks, and call for a free estimate or DIY your gutter repairs today.