Google and Russian Interference Investigations

Google said that it had found evidence linking Russian agents with bought ads from some of the networks in an effort to change the outcomes of the presidential elections last year. These findings ensure that Google is now part of the internal inquiry that already has social medal giants such as Facebook and Twitter. The Congress committee wants to determine the role of these tech companies in the Russian government efforts to sow division and spread misinformation in the past election. According to the investigation, it was discovered that there were ads that were bought by the Russian operatives for $4,700. This amount bought traditional ads and search ads. This information was released by a person working closely with the inquiry. The source also revealed that Google found this information by tips provided to them by other companies. At the same time, their own research helped the company make these findings. Moreover, it was discovered that there were $53,000 ads that had some political material affiliated with the US presidential elections. These are ads that were purchased using Russian currency, through building addresses from Russia and also through internet addresses that originated from Russia. What’s not clear is whether these ads are related to the Russian government. Google speculated that these ads might have been bought by some of the Russian citizens.

Google found out that these ads had messages of spanned political content. For instance, the informer said that one of the accounts that bought ads worth over $7,000 had a documentary called You’ve Been Trumped”. The documentary detailed the efforts of Donald Trump in building a golf course in Scotland. This happened despite the existence of this area being in an environmentally sensitive area. The informer then says that there was another advert that touched on Barrack Obama. Having spent close to $36,000 on the ad, the advert questioned whether Barrack Obama should have resigned at that time. Another ad was bought to promote the legacy of Barack Obama. What remains unclear is whether these ads were visible on Gmail and YouTube. The same source further said that there is a likelihood that Google will find more adverts related to the same issue as the investigation deepens. Microsoft has also said that it will begin investigating whether their search engine Bing might have been used by the Russians. At the moment, 23 percent of searches in US are made through Bing making it another culprit.