A New Barbie with a Hijab

The iconic doll Barbie was introduced to the world 70-years-ago. Back then, the doll had all the characteristics of a White Woman. This means that the dolls obeyed the fashion adornments of that time. They also changed as fashion evolved. At the same time, the dolls could be described using the white skin as well as blond hair. After many years, the doll has evolved, and there is a new one with a hijab. Not only does the doll has a hijab but it consists of muscular thighs and dark skin. For starters, the doll has been designed to resemble Ibtihaj Muhammad. For those that can remember, this is an Olympic fencer who made history as the first person to wear a hijab at Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016. The American Olympian didn’t disappoint as she managed to win a bronze medal in her category. At the same time, she was recently honored in New York with an award known as the Glamour Women of the Year awards. She was given the honor by the doll manufacturer to introduce the doll to the world. During the event, she mentioned that all her desirable features had been carefully carved into the new doll. This included features such as her thick legs and the fencing mask and her uniform. She said that she was impressed.

Later on, the 31-year-old Olympian held an interview where she said that dolls played an important role in her childhood. She says that whenever she said that she wanted to play sport, people often told her that she wants to be in a position that the society does not allow her. This is why she referred to the doll that represented a Muslim as revolutionary. She said that it came at an opportune time when America had degenerated to bigotry. She said that women in hijabs in America are often seen as docile. At the same time, they are oppressed, and they draw a lot of focus. While she was introducing the doll to the world, this showed how much she had achieved as a woman coming from a conservative world. At the same time, this whole event highlighted the role of dolls as children grow in modern America. People reacted to the doll in different ways, and Ms. Muhammad revealed that she was ready for several reactions including a backlash. She said that she is sued to what she referred to as trolling as she was coming from a Muslim community where it’s a common thing.