Matt Lauer Latest In String Of Media Men Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Matt Lauer is a name that has been synonymous with the “Today” show for many years. On Wednesday morning, November 29, he was fired from NBC because of allegations of sexual misconduct with an employee. The news comes as a shock to the media world and those who have viewed him on television. When “Today” started on Wednesday morning, Savannah Guthrie broke the news that Lauer had been fired. The staff was devastated by the news as is clearly seen in videos that are now surfacing online.

This news show is one of the most watched programs in the morning during the week. Lauer has been a rock on the show, assisting in building it to the level that it’s at today for over 20 years. Even though it is quite a surprise to loyal viewers and even those who only watch the show on occasion, it’s not as much of a shock to the people Lauer worked with. Many of the people on the show and those working behind the scenes already knew that Lauer was being investigated about the sexual misconduct allegations.

The complaint was only filed on Monday night. This was the first sign of any complaint about Lauer and his actions. However, other details are surfacing that have led investigators to believe that this isn’t only one event. Officials are looking into other sources available to determine how many people could be involved and if there are any other people willing to bring forth a complaint. Reporters for other news sources have been researching Lauer for a few weeks. Some people have offered information online that there are multiple victims involved. Lauer has not been available to talk about the incident, and NBC has declined to offer comments. Lauer is one of the top ranking men in the media world to be brought down by sexual misconduct allegations.