Paris Hilton Claims that she invented the Selfie

While speaking at an event in California, Paris Hilton said that she was the brain behind the selfie. However, looking into archives, the event that Ms. Hilton was referring to took place back in November 2006. Today, Paris Hilton is a master of many trades. For instance, not only is she a celebrity DJ but she is also a perfume maven. She has also referred to herself as a hotel heirless in the past. From the look of things, it’s normal to say that Paris Hilton is overstating things that she invented the selfie. Earlier this year, another magazine known as W Magazine made the same claims that Paris Hilton had invented the selfie. Once she posted a selfie saying that she had invented the selfie, she was disapproved by naysayers who even posted earlier selfies to disapprove her. Nevertheless, the New York Times decided to offer the actor the benefit of the doubt. The Times called a professor who would help nullify or uphold the claim. The professor was from the University of Southern California known as Mark Marino. The professor also specializes in a writing class that has adopted the use of selfies. However, the professor was not as straightforward as it had been expected. Instead, he turned out to be dubious.

Once he was asked the question, the professor dissolved into laughter. He said that he was amused at the thought that nobody had ever taken a selfie before the 2006 photo. As a matter of fact, he directed the New York Times to an 1839 picture by Robert Cornelius that was regarded as the earliest selfie. He further talked about other pictures that were taken in 1920 proving that the selfie existed long before Ms. Hilton. The professor further dealt a blow for Ms. Hilton claims about the selfie stick. He talked about selfie sticks being used by a Swedish couple known as Helmer and Naemi Larsson back in 1934. As a matter of fact, Paris Hilton was preceded first by other models when it comes to selfies. This includes the likes of Madonna, Andy Warhol as well as Cindy Sherman. On the other hand, the Times wrote that the term selfie became popular in 2002. This is four years before Ms. Hilton took the picture that she referred to be the first selfie. The New York Times returned inconclusive evidence to show that Ms. Hilton was the first person to invent the selfie.