The Air Force Admits it made a Mistake in Handling Records of the Texas Shooter


Following the deadly massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas that led to the death of 26 people, the US Air Force has admitted that it made a mistake that might have led to the shootings. An Air Force official said that it made a mistake by failing to enter some domestic violence-court martial record about the killer in the federal database. Should have the Air Force entered this information, it would have been difficult for the killer to buy the gun that he used to kill the 26 people. Years ago, the gunman who has been identified as Devin P. Kelley assaulted his wife and toddler stepson in a domestic assault. The situation was serious as the child broke her skull. Nonetheless, these charges would be enough to stop the man from purchasing a gun under the federal law. During the last four years, the man managed to buy three short guns and one military-style rifle that was used in the massacre. The Air Force released a statement on Monday saying that it had initiated a review to investigate how the charges were handled. A complete review of the killer’s case had been authorized by Air Force chief of staff David Golden and Air Force secretary Heather Wilson.

In the report, the Air Force further said that it was investigating whether some of these charges had been left out of the report. The military often reports these incidents to the federal database in case former service members wish to purchase a firearm. They are used for firearm background checks. This comes after the federal investigators said that they had identified the motive of the attack. The killer was expressing his rage to the family of his wife. This served as the final chapter of life that had been filled with domestic rage. Other than the domestic complaint that was made by his wife, another rape complaint had been made about him. However, this complaint was never investigated. The relationship between the killer and the woman who made the complaint wasn’t clear. It’s said that the mother of his recent wife was a devoted member of the church. Therefore, she might have been the target. This is according to a report that was released by Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Freeman Martin. He further said that threatening texts had been sent by the killer. Mr. Martin confirmed that the shooting was a domestic situation. He sought to clarify that it wasn’t a religious attack nor a racially motivated attack.