Adam Milstein Discusses the Importance of Jewish-American Pride

Adam Milstein is a prominent figure within the Jewish-American community. He is considered an icon and an integral part of the movement.

Adam takes pride in making sure that the Jewish-American population stays connected to

Adam Milstein talks about jewish pride
Adam Milstein of the Israeli American Council

their Jewish and Israeli roots. He founded the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and sits on the board as the National Chairman. Along with his wife Gila, Adam also created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is dedicated to philanthropy. The foundation has supported over 100 Jewish-American charities and organizations since its inception.

In 2017, Adam Milstein was named one of the “200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World” by Richtopia, joining the ranks of public figures such as Elon Musk, Bill and Melinda Gates, and more.

How to Instill Jewish Pride

Jewish Pride by Adam Milstein

“There is nothing more powerful than understanding who you are and taking pride in where you come from,” says Adam Milstein in a recent article published in The Jerusalem Post. According to Adam, the future of the Jewish-American community in the United States depends on it – “If we can’t instill Jewish pride in our next generation, there will be no one left to carry on our tradition and face our future challenges.”

How should community leaders instill Jewish pride and a sense of heritage to the children of today? Adam believes this is done, “through education, community involvement, and family heritage. We must foster a sense of pride in being Jewish and a pride in the State of Israel, in our children and grandchildren.”

Through EducationAdam Milstein on Jewish education

Bestowing pride through education is difficult when the Jewish population only makes up 0.2 percent of the world today. Adam Milstein acknowledges this hurdle, and states that, “over the course of centuries wandering as a small and stateless people, we learned to invest in the greatest resource: knowledge. The Jews have prioritized education above all else. Although we have been the underdog for much of our history, our infatuation with learning has enabled us to succeed.”

Jewish leaders and families must continue the trend, balancing between imparting historical wisdom, while also teaching lessons that are modern and relevant in the world. “Today we must continue this investment,” says Adam, “imparting the knowledge that not only gives our children the ability to thrive in 21st-century careers, but also that grounds them in Jewish wisdom, provides a moral center and makes them committed to family and community.”

Adam Milstein also talks about using the gift of innovation to empower Jewish-American children to learn how to think outside of the box from a young age. Adam believes instilling critical thinking through education, “will be critical for their success in our modern information era, and for the survival of our communal institutions, which must adapt to remain relevant for the next generation.”

Through Community

Community involvement is another way to instill Jewish pride into young people today. The Adam and Gila Milstien Family Foundation help foster community involvement through the organizations that they support through their philanthropic efforts.

Since it was founded in 2000, the foundation has focused their efforts on reaching the younger generation within the community. In a recent interview, Adam states that, “from the beginning, we knew that the Milstein Family Foundation would work to help students and young professionals to identify with their Jewish roots, ignite their Jewish pride, cultivate and boost their courage, connect them with the State of Israel, and train them how to effectively advocate for the State of Israel and the Jewish people in their schools, campuses, among their friends, and in their communities.”

Through Family Heritage

Jewish Community of NY Adam Milstein

Instilling Jewish pride to the children within the Jewish-American community by means of family heritage is also important. The best way for this to be done is through teaching brotherhood and sharing a sense passion.

Adam Milstein is passionate about his work for the Israeli-American community and his philanthropic efforts. He strives, “to give my children and grandchildren the encouragement to discover their passion and purpose, and the support to channel that passion into careers, families, leadership, community and the country in which we all live.”

The Jewish community has withstood the tests of time, and continues to grow stronger through brotherhood. This important aspect of Jewish family heritage is an essential lesson to teach children within the community. Simply put, “instilling this sense of brotherhood in our children gives them confidence that their extended family – the Jewish family – is behind them and compels them to action when other Jews need their help.”

Adam Milstein’s mission is to ensure that the Jewish community thrives in America and abroad. The story and history of Jewish people is alive and vivid, and it won’t be ending anytime soon. Adam has dedicated his life to strengthening the community and building relationships with the younger generation to invest in their futures.