The Biggest Starbucks in The World Opens in Shanghai

A Starbucks on every corner and a latte in every hand. If the CEO of Starbucks had their way, this is what the world would look like. However, this massive company will have to settle for just having 27,000 stores worldwide. Recently in Shanghai, the American coffee giant has just opened a 29,000 square foot store with 400 employees. With over 3,000 stores in China, it seems as though the country that was once only a consumer of tea has now learned to love the products that come from coffee giant Starbucks.

This Starbucks store is more like a center. Think of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and replace the chocolate with coffee beans. Mechanical tubes carry coffee beans all over this giant store to create the most delicious coffee possible. To meet the local demands, this store also sells teas and food that are popular in China. To see such a massive store opening in China shows Starbucks commitment to expansion in this country. In four years, Starbucks hopes to have over 5,000 stores open all over China.

At a time where other global brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are pulling back from Chinese expansion due to the business environment, Starbucks continues to push forward with their plan to open many more stores in the near future. The demand for new Starbucks stores is definitely there. With nearly an hour wait to get into this new Starbucks superstore, we can see that the marketing efforts of this coffee giant haven’t gone unnoticed.

It will be interesting to see what the next few years hold in store for the expansion of Starbucks in China. If the past is any indicator, it looks as though this coffee giant will continue to do very well in this overseas market where tea once reigned supreme.

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