North And South Korea Have Hogged News Headlines As Of Late

Even though the combined population of both Koreas – Kim Jong Un’s North Korea and the more reasonable, less provocative South Korea – is only 74 million people, the former union has contributed fodder for several news headlines across popular news media circles both on the Internet and airwaves.

Fortunately, although Kim Jong Un hasn’t recently ordered the launch of another potentially-nuclear missile test, residents of North Korea living near a recent nuclear missile test site have recently begun to display signs of radiation poisoning, a serious health condition with effects that can’t reasonably be confused with any other illness known to mankind.

In other words, North Korea has undoubtedly done its citizens yet another negative, wholly detrimental deed.

Nothing But Bad News For North Korea

Defectors that have escaped the chokehold of North Korea in recent months report that, in regards to the nearly three-quarters of households – 70 percent – that rely on the government to provide them with sufficient food rations, its population has been effectively starved, suggesting the alleged communistic nation doesn’t possess sufficient resources to feed its residents because it’s spending too much on its nuclear missile program.

North Korea’s Kilju County is the location of the dictatorship’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site. As a majority of the area’s nearby residents consume water for both drinking and bathing purposes, which is alleged to contain radiation from recent nuclear missile. testing, they’ve been unknowingly dosed with loads of hazardous nuclear radiation.

Thanks to Kim Jong Un’s recent nuclear explosives testing, popular test site Mount Mantap may collapse due to excessive nuclear testing. Defectors also recently reported that, in comparison to wells and trees existing since the third of September earlier this year, six separate nuclear tests have causes 80 percent of such structures to dry up and die, respectively.

Assertions Former South Korean President Park Geun Hye Made Last Year Have Recently Been Proven False

As officially released by the South Korean government on Thursday, December 28th, Park Geun Hye formally requested the inter-Korean Industrial Complex to be closed. It’s suspected that the former South Korean president ordered the shutdown because he didn’t agree with North Korea’s generally non-sensible policies.

At the inter-Korean border, over 100 companies headquartered in South Korea employed roughly 55,000 employees that lived in North Korea. Although boosts in economic activity were experienced by both nations, the president just couldn’t seem to be diplomatic in regards to Kim Jong Un’s dictated country.