Numerous Fires Destroy Parts Of California

Wildfires are burning out of control once again in California. This time, the fires are burning near Bel Air. Homes are being evacuated as quickly as possible before the fires take over. Forecasters believe that the fires could linger for several days. When the fires started, they spread very quickly because of the dry conditions and the winds in the area. One of the fires is the size of Orlando, encompassing numerous homes and businesses in the southern area of California.

Emergency officials are working to make sure roads are closed to traffic so that people stay away from the areas that are on fire. Firefighters are also finding it difficult to enter the region to try to put out the fire, letting it burn until it’s to a size that is manageable. The Thomas Fire is the largest one in the area. It spans across more than 65,000 acres. This fire alone has destroyed hundreds of homes already, Hundreds of more are threatened as well as dozens of businesses.

Residents who have been asked to evacuate are anxiously waiting to find out if their homes have been destroyed or if there’s anything left to go back to once the fires are under control. Firefighters are working in Los Angeles to try to stop fires that started on Tuesday. The largest in this area is 11,000 acres. Smaller fires have started across the region. Some have joined together to form larger fires. Most of the fires are brush fires. Investigations are underway to determine how they have started and if there is any arson involved. Interstate 405 is among the major roads that are now shut down. Residents have no power. A state of emergency has been declared, and residents are being asked to leave the areas affected as soon as possible.

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