Glen Wakeman Empowers Entrepreneurs With LaunchPad’s Tools

Glen Wakeman Empowers Business Owners

As the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed. LaunchPad offers unique online tools that help new startups form solid business plans. While many people start with a good idea and have sound goals, they do not know how to form a plan with the right steps to reach those goals. The LaunchPad tools assist them in creating personalized plans. Glen Wakeman helped design the system using his insight and decades of experience as a highly motivated executive (


LaunchPad For Entrepreneurs

The LaunchPad tools focus on five critical points. Execution of plans is one of the most important takeaway lessons for new entrepreneurs. Since many good ideas fail due to a lack of planning, Glen’s program teaches people how to reach goals by creating step-by-step plans. Each goal must have its own plan, and the multiple plans must be compatible with one another. Glen implemented execution methods in the program that he perfected during his many years of experience.


Being a leader is essential for any entrepreneur who plans to grow a company. As a startup grows, there are major adjustments. Those adjustments may come with new staff, new policies and other structural changes that upset managers and other workers. Employees are resistant to most new changes if they feel threatened in any way. Some growth-related obstacles can cripple startups if business owners do not know how to lead a team. Glen’s program is designed to help people develop leadership skills, build teams and foster healthy growth instead of contention.

The third important focus of LaunchPad’s tools is risk management. When companies grow or are acquired, they must go through restructuring processes. Internal growth may lead to applied positions being created and duties being reassigned. New departments may be created, and managers or supervisors must be chosen to oversee them. Tensions often form when employees disagree about promotions or duties. Such disruptions can result in increased turnover rates, workplace quarrels and lost productivity. With the LaunchPad tools, leaders can turn negative reactions into productive discussions that promote positive changes instead of worsening problems.


The LaunchPad tools also give entrepreneurs the ability to maximize human capital. In human resources, Glen Wakeman believes in matching strategies with people. He gives program users the knowledge to predict changes before they happen and develop innovative strategies to keep some preventable problems from happening. Since Glen has vast experience with this topic, he presents the information in a way that is easy for new entrepreneurs to understand. His advice includes actionable solutions that empower leaders.


The last focus area for the LaunchPad program is dispute resolution. Although entrepreneurs can take steps to minimize disputes related to structural changes and role shifts, some disagreements will still arise. Many of the biggest disputes happen between executives or key personnel. As someone who is highly knowledgeable about corporate governance, Glen Wakeman provides tools for this important topic. With the tools, leaders learn how to turn negative reactions into productive conversations. They learn how to control and prevent internal problems, and they learn how to strengthen the company’s system of values.


Glen Wakeman offers the LaunchPad toolkit online. For entrepreneurs who are still focusing on the earliest stages of the development process, the kit is especially useful for strengthening plans. Also, a free assessment is offered on the LaunchPad site for people who have a business idea. Potential customers may receive a free consultation upon request, and a free guide shows users the most important tasks to accomplish first. With various plans to choose from, each option gives users access to the programs that fit their individual needs. The programs help with idea organization, funding optimization, navigating common problems, time optimization and much more. To optimize customers’ success potential, LaunchPad offers professional support along the way.


Who Is Glen Wakeman?

Glen Wakeman spent the early years of his adult life studying finance at Scranton University. He earned a bachelor’s degree there in 1991. After graduating, he went to the University of Chicago to earn an MBA with a focus in finance.

During his professional career, he traveled to more than 30 countries. He has lived in six different countries. His responsibilities included helping businesses with thousands of workers and billions in assets overcome complex obstacles related to structural changes. From startups and divestitures to downsizing and market entry, he has experienced nearly every facet of restructuring. Today, Glen spends his time serving as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.


Since he knows that his valuable experience can help others, Glen Wakeman enjoys writing and sharing advice (Crunchbase). He is a mentor and especially focuses on helping C-level executives. Glen is also an experienced investor. In his spare time, he writes blogs about business transformation, new markets and major events across the globe. His blogs include tips for entrepreneurs to strengthen their policies or to develop more useful strategies. In relation to helping startups succeed, Glen’s portfolio includes well-known companies such as Sitter Bees, Dreamfunded, and others. He developed his own unique method for forming ideas and analyzing them based on feedback. To use his signature method successfully, entrepreneurs must have a positive attitude, be able to look at themselves objectively and be dedicated to perpetually moving forward.


One of the reasons why Glen Wakeman maintains such strong discipline in his professional life is his commitment to self-discipline in his personal life. He used discipline to achieve his academic goals and to move on to a successful career. His continued discipline eventually led him to start his own venture. Glen Wakeman’s devotion to self-discipline includes a Six Sigma black belt certification. This certification is a hard-to-achieve honor that comes with serious responsibilities. Individuals who are considered for a Six Sigma black belt must go through rigorous training. Also, they must display confidence and have relevant real-world experience.

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