The US to Pile More Pressure against North Korea

The American government is boosting its maximum pressure campaign against Pyongyang at an international meeting that is set to happen on Tuesday this week despite not having sent letters of invitation to Russia and China. Both Beijing and Moscow has said that the meeting is reigniting the cold war era in previous press statement releases to newsrooms. Senior officials from, the US government want the gathering of foreign relations ministers from 20 countries in Vancouver Canada to collectively offer support to the port-entry ban on ships that break the economic embargo that has been imposed on the repressive regime in North Korea.

The United States holds the meeting in conjunction with Canada. Washington has failed to publicly name vessels that have been sneaking oil into North Korea to the United Nation’s Security Council. The director of policy planning at the State Department, Brian Hook said that there was a need to drive up the seriousness of the consequences for ships that secretly sneak oil to Pyongyang amidst the imposed international sanctions. Depriving Kim Jong Un’s regime will be a significant step forward in forcing Pyongyang to abandon the ballistic nuclear missile program and achieve the efforts by Washington to denuclearize the entire Korean peninsula.

Mr. Hook added that the Vancouver meeting would identify gaps in the campaign to pile pressure on Pyongyang under US leadership. The incentive which received enormous backing from both Moscow and Beijing has led to the deprivation of about 905 of all the exports that have been going to Pyongyang. However, the allied powers have raised concerns that the economic sanctions are not enough and have made suggestions that would see border policing on the Chinese-North Korean border improved. This has come amid claims that satellite imagery has spotted Chines and Russian vessels siphoning oil to North Korean Tankers in the high seas.

Mr. Hook said that that UN member states could show more commitment of purpose by approving the listing of the ships that have been exporting oil to the North Korean regime and have them banned from docking in other foreign ports in the world. The conspicuous absence of China and Russia in the meeting in Vancouver threatens US efforts to come up with a global coalition of nations that would efficiently take action and tighten the economic sanctions against North Korea. The thriving of the North Korean economy is chiefly reliant on Washington’s chief enemies and which over the years has given oxygen to Kim’s nuclear missile program.