Elderly Man Dies After Wrong-Way Accident

Two teenagers were killed in a car accident in Florida because of a wrong-way driver over the weekend. The man who caused the accident was 99 years old. He has since succumbed to the injuries that he received from his injuries. Walter Roney was listed as an RV driver when the accident took place. The teens in the vehicle who were killed were heading to a skating event in Fort Pierce. The 18-year-old and the 17-year-old were killed almost instantly.

While there were reports about the man’s driving abilities being questioned and concerns that had been expressed in his hometown in Michigan, he had recently taken a driving test and passed. Those who had seen the man driving feared that he wasn’t competent to safely be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Medical reasons were at the forefront of the reasons behind why Roney was unable to drive. However, the state granted him a license renewal anyway after he successfully passed all of the tests required by the state.

The vehicle involved in the accident was an RV, making the impact more severe because of the force delivered from the vehicle. The elderly man had no violations. He didn’t need any kind of certain license to operate the RV, so there wasn’t a question of why he was behind the wheel. Roney was on the wrong side of the road when his vehicle slammed into the truck operated by one of the teen girls. The girls are remembered as smart, caring and best friends. A passenger in the RV received minor injuries. Roney lived for a few days after the accident. There is no clear indication as to why he was driving on the wrong side of the road, but a possible malfunction with the headlights could be to blame, preventing Roney from clearly seeing the road.

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