Trump Supports The Slaying Of Illicit Substance Dealers

As most people even slightly familiar with current events are all too well-aware of, Donald Trump is currently the President of the United States, and has been since he was elected to begin serving in January 2017.

Even though some of the world’s leading countries are slowly opening up to legalizing or decriminalizing now-illicit psychoactive substances like marijuana and ecstasy – some have even decriminalized all drug use, like Portugal did in 2000 and has since reaped benefits from the controversial policy action – POTUS Donald Trump reportedly claimed that he desires for the United States of America to have a law that allows drug dealers to be killed by prisons within the nation.

The death penalty is currently not practiced in the vast majority of nations, as many forward-thinking individuals – many people, period, regardless of their identifications or lines of thinking – believe the death penalty is far from being humane. In some instances, people sentenced to death were failed to be executed in recent years in the United States, strong evidence that the near-deaths and actual deaths of actors of such heinous crimes are worse than the crimes themselves.

Donald J. Trump did share that he was fully aware that such a law would never work its way into place, although he stated that he is in full support of a law, for example, that places substance resellers with at least two grams of ultra-powerful synthetic opioid analgesic fentanyl in prison with minimum five-year sentences.

While not as popular in the many media circuits in the Western World, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has made countless claims in the past few years that he fully supports the government-backed execution of any person selling drugs. But, unlike Donald Trump’s recognition that such policies would most likely not enter any United States law book, Duterte’s government has already killed vendors of illicit psychoactive and psychotropic drugs – he even claimed that he killed suspects of such criminal activity himself!

An administrative official that’s considerably closer to Donald Trump than most people claimed that the current United States President sometimes “jokes about killing drug dealers,” also sharing that Trump feels that “the Chinese and Filipinos don’t have a drug problem. They just kill [individuals accused of selling illicit substances].”

The above statement refers to Duterte’s opinion of drug dealers, of which China shares, more or less.

It’s worth noting that Rodrigo Duterte admitted to having an active fentanyl addiction and dependency less than one year ago, all while he was in office.

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