American Steel Workers Say That the Tariff Plan by President Trump has Appeal

Anyone who thinks that American steelworkers are conflicted about the 25% tariff imposed by President Donald Trump on steel imports is misguided. Those American workers voted for President Donald Trump view the tariff as an effort by the president to fulfill his campaign promises. This is enough proof that a president is a man of his word and the people. However, just like any politician, not all people see the tariff as a good incentive. Critics see Trump as an entrepreneur who used imported steel to build his skyscrapers. Trump is also perceived as an employer who hires foreigners and relies on credit from foreign financial institutions.

Many of the non-trump supporters say that Trump is a man who does not care about what a can of soup costs or even an automobile for that matter. Some even see him as just a mere politician who intends to win the hearts of the residents of Pittsburg in the forthcoming special election scheduled for next week and retain a majority at Capitol Hill. The real Trump supporters admit that there might be a significant benefit that will result from the 25% tariff on all steel imports inside the US. Some have even said that there would be considerable progress in the US steel industry if the government had acted decisively to defend the industry four or five decades ago. Frank Behum, one of the steelworkers at Bethlehem Steel, said that President Trump made a smart move and how he went about it was well planned and calculated.

Bethlehem closed down in the mid-1990s which resulted in the loss of livelihood for thousands of its workers together with their families. The Pittsburgh country is home to US Steel which was founded by Andrew Carnegie in the 1800s. US Steel is the second largest steel plant in all of the United States. On the Tuesday election, Democrats have a tremendous opportunity to grab the 18th congressional district. The special election has attracted particular attention from unions, steelworkers and other groups.

It is also expected that the issue about tariffs will play a critical role in determining who will be elected to represent the district in the halls of Washington. The focus on the congressional race by the US president was significantly underscored when he was spotted on Saturday night at a raucous campaign style outside Pittsburgh. The president was supporting the Republican nominee, Rick Saccone.

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