Jeff Yastine Is Gearing Up for a Solar Revolution

Jeff Yastine Is Gearing Up for a Solar Revolution

Jeff Yastine noticed that Wall Street got it wrong. Companies that create solar panels were largely undervalued. Things appear to be turning around because the Guggenheim Solar ETF has gone up more than 10 percent since Jeff recommended it. He also endorsed First Solar, and it has gone up even more. It’s up 40 percent to be exact.

Jeff Yastine’s Educational Background and Experience

Jeff Yastine attended the University of Florida where he studied journalism, and he moved to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina to report on the markets. After moving to Miami, Jeff became an anchor and a national correspondent with the Nightly Business Report, a show that was broadcast every night by PBS. This television program had more viewers than any other daily financial broadcast in the world.

Jeff Yastine’s work with Nightly Business Report led him to identify early investment opportunities for his show’s viewers. These picks often became huge winners in the stock market, and they included Royal Caribbean, Carnival Corp., Mako Surgical, Lennar Corp., Petmed Express, SBA Communications and Intuitive Surgical.

The Increase in Value in Solar Stocks

Solar stocks are just starting to move upwards, but what is the cause of it?

In 2017, more independent power companies and utilities’ companies produced a greater amount of solar power than any other year before. The Department of Energy’s record keepers said that solar power realized a 47 percent increase in that year.

We also have “small scale” solar to consider. These are the businesses and homes that already have solar panels, and when you add these to the equation, it means that the country is receiving 2 percent of its energy from solar panels.

You night think that 2 percent isn’t such a big deal, but in 2015, less than half of 1 percent of the energy was produced with solar panels. It was only 0.001 percent in 2012 or one-tenth of 1 percent.

This means that solar power is growing faster than all of the other sources of electricity that exist on the power grid today.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, geothermal sources grew by 0.9 percent and wind increased by 12 percent, but solar expanded by 46.9 percent.

What Stocks Does Jeff Yastine Recommend to His Readers?

Jeff Yastine remembers the last time that the stock market declined considerably, and it was on November 7, 2016. Since that time, the S&P 500 did not dip below 3 percent in 240 days. This means that there isn’t any fear, and if there is no fear, the stock market is about to take a huge dive. When this happens, it will not be entirely negative because with the return of fear, bargain opportunities will present themselves.

Although he is expecting a decline, Jeff Yastine recommended several stocks in his last newsletter, and they include AES Corp., Archer Daniels Midland, Barracuda Networks, Currency Shares Japanese Yen Trust, Grizzly Short Fund, ING Group, Nidec Corp., Rio Tinto, Under Armour, Vestas Wind Systems and Wheaton Precious Metals.

What Is Causing Solar Power to Increase So Much?

Last year, the cost of high-efficiency solar panels fell by almost 40 percent. At that time, panel-manufacturing technology became more efficient, and panels began to be manufactured on a larger global scale, but this does not tell the entire story.

Federal energy regulators and the IRS both ruled on issues that were extremely important to this arena, and Jeff Yastine thinks that these rulings will be responsible for increasing solar power generation.

Energy storage is the key in this equation. That means that there will be extremely powerful batteries.

The Two Rulings

  • Homeowners who integrate a home energy storage unit into their own solar systems will be eligible for an investment tax credit, according to the tax experts with the IRS.
  • The Federal Energy Regulator Commission has instructed U.S. grid operators to make energy storage possible for their power networks in less than one year.

There has always been a problem with solar and wind energy. It isn’t possible to create energy that is generated by solar and wind when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

When we can store energy from these sources, we no longer have to concern ourselves with sunless or windless days. Tesla currently runs a “gigafactory,” and others exist in Europe, Japan and China, and they are causing the price of batteries to decrease dramatically.

As of now, the energy storage ETC does not exist, but Jeff Yastine has already placed a dividend-paying stock recommendation in the Total Wealth Insider portfolio.

It is Jeff Yastine’s belief that the two rulings are going to cause homeowners and utilities companies to invest in solar generating systems in the coming years. You can expect to see gains in First Solar and the Guggenheim Solar ETF as inexpensive storage of solar energy and solar panels work together to push these two stocks upward.

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