Peyton Manning Sells Out His Stake In Papa Johns Shops But Will Remain Spokesperson

Papa Johns is associated with the NFL like apple pie is associated with the fourth of July. The two just go together. Papa Johns has been the official NFL sponsor for a very long time at this point. They have been tied in to the game in a big way, but that may soon be changing.

There was some fallout between the two when the founder and CEO of Papa Johns blamed the NFL kneeling scandal as a cause for a decrease in their earnings. That was a remark that he made during a quarterly earnings conference call. He was roundly mocked for that remark, but it was clear that he did in some ways believe it to be true.

Now, the NFL has made the call according to Bleacher Report to switch from Papa Johns to Pizza Hut as their official pizza sponsor. That is a move that will make a big difference in the way that some of us watch the game of football. It is going to be a different experience than when we used to watch with Papa Johns as the sponsor.

Perhaps these changes have been the reason why Peyton Manning has decided to sell out of his stake of Papa Johns restaurants in the Denver area. He first bought into the franchise in 2012 with at least partial ownership stakes in thirty-one area Papa Johns stores. Now though, he has decided to sell out his stake to another Papa Johns franchise owner. That being said, he will remain as the spokesperson for the Papa Johns commercials.

It is expected that the new buyer is going to rehire all of the staff that was working in those locations when Manning owned them.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that the NFL is excited to have Pizza Hut onboard as their new official pizza sponsor. He says that the chain restaurant is focused on family and fun and that they are the perfect fit for the NFL because of this. He can’t wait to see how this business relationship blossoms.

Papa Johns will almost certainly miss not having this sponsorship deal with the NFL any longer. However, they have made the choices that they have made to get them to this point, so now they have to live with it more or less. Given that, it is time for a new sponsor and a new era in the NFL to take place.

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