Teacher In Georgia Fires Handgun Several Times In Apparent Protest Of Teachers Being Equipped With Firearms

In the United States of America’s state of Georgia, tucked away in the conservative Southeastern portion of the nation, a man – best known as a teacher cum football play-by-play announcer for the football team of the high school he had been a salaried member of for several years – locked himself in a classroom, blocked all possible entryways, and began firing his handgun in that classroom an unreported number of times.

The teacher, who will go unnamed because no person engaging in violent acts deserves to have their name, face, or likeness plastered across news media headlines, had taught at the southwestern Georgia school since 2004.

It appears as if the victimless shooting came in response to recent suggestions by political figures and United States citizens that some or all – depending on who makes such a suggestion – teachers should be armed with handguns or long rifles – again, different political figures will feel differently about what firearms school teachers should be equipped with during all times while on the clock with students.

Mr. Teacher Wasn’t A Poor Employee – He Was Well-Liked

The school system that the herein-unnamed employee worked at had awarded the instructor – from here on out, we’ll refer to that person as JJ Doe – the title of “STAR teacher,” an award given out annually to the best of the best in terms of educators within the school system.

JJ Doe did not have a criminal history, his public Facebook posts were almost all in good nature, all “lighthearted,” and had previously penned a blog post about himself that stated he had found himself in a “happy medium” between being a high school educator and local live sports broadcaster.

Just To Be Clear…

That Georgia school did not allow employees to carry any type of firearm on school property. No known legislature in the United States of America has begun to allow teachers in classrooms filled with students to carry firearms.

The same sentiment extends for any scenario on school properties across the nation – no guns are allowed at any time, outside of police officers on active duty that have been trained to both carry firearms and respond to situations in which perpetrators attempt to use firearm weaponry, actually use it but don’t shoot anyone, and those in which victims are actively being targeted.

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