John Duncan Jr. Accused Of Misusing Campaign Funds For Personal Purposes

Knoxville, Tennessee Representative John J. Duncan Jr. has been accused by the Office of Congressional Ethics of misusing approximately $100,000 worth of campaign funds for personal purposes. The Office of Congressional Ethics put out a fifty-seven page paper on the matter according to CNN.

Duncan has been a very long time serving member from the Knoxville area. However, he has already announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election in 2018. He said that he feels that the time is right for him to step down from his seat in Congress.

The report had information in it talking about how Duncan had spent lavish amounts of money on things like baby showers for personal friends and family. He has denied the accusations in this paper, but there is going to be an investigation into what happened here.

This is not the first time that the committee has noticed that the Congressman has had some issues with how he spends his personal monies versus his campaign funds. They mentioned in their report similar problems in 2008 with large amounts of money going to pay dues at a social club in Knoxville. In other words, Duncan is no stranger to having problems with keeping the money straight.

It is perhaps not the biggest issue in the world for Congressman Duncan at the moment since he is retiring from Congress after all. He does not face the prospect of being removed from his seat since he is removing himself in essence. However, these kind of things point to the culture of Congress that everyday people simply cannot stand. They show once again how some members of Congress feel that it is their right to spend their campaign funds however they please. It is a gross miscalculation of how to do proper accounting to make sure that everything is kept separate and above board.

At this moment in time, the Congressman and his office continue to deny the accusations. They say that the report is ridiculous and totally off base. They claim that Congressman Duncan used all of the funds raised by his campaign on practical things for the campaign such as meals for those who worked on his campaign. They continue to assert that their man has done nothing wrong in this particular matter.

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