NFL Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Says That He Suffers With Mental Health Issues

Do not allow anyone to tell you even for one second that someone who has achieved great success in life is not going to have a care or problem in the world. The truth is, those people may be at an even greater risk as so many around them continue to believe that they are invincible.

We learned this week based on reporting from Bleacher Report that former Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback Mark Rypien says that he suffers from multiple mental issues. He says that he suffers with a multitude of mental issues and that he has “been down some dark places” in his head. It has led many to open their eyes to the fact that it doesn’t particularly matter what your status in life is, if you are sick with mental illness that is all there is to it.

Rypien says that a domestic violence incident that he has with his wife had to do with medications that he had been prescribed in improper doses. How much a person wants to believe that is the cause of the incident or not is up to their judgement alone. However, it is known that those who are medication have to be very careful to only take the proper doses or else run the possibility of having a chemical imbalance in their brain triggered.

The former quarterback went on in the interview to say that he has previously attempted to take his own life. He took some one-hundred and fifty pills along with a bottle of booze at the same time. His wife happened to come home just in time and found him laying out on the floor. She shoved hydrogen peroxide and charcoal down his throat in order to get him to throw up. He did throw up the pills, and that is the only reason that he is still alive and around today.

He has been a part of a wide ranging lawsuit against the NFL related to head injuries suffered by a number of players on the field. He was one of a couple of thousand former players to receive a portion of the $765 million dollar award that the court ordered in that case. He continues to believe that head injuries that he sustained while playing football contribute to his mental health issues and conditions. As for now, he continues to just take things one day at a time.

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