Russian Officials Say that the United States Did Not Violate the Red Lines during their Strike in Syria

On Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Moscow said that the United States respected and sought out Russian positions in Syria during last week’s airstrikes. Minister Sergei Lavrov said that despite the rising tensions between Washington and Moscow, The US military ensured that no Russian soldier was killed or injured during the strikes that had been orchestrated against President Bashar-al- Assad’s regime. The American military airstrikes were in response to a suspected chemical gas attack on the district of Douma.

Sergei Lavrov added that the Russian military chiefs had informed the US military commanders in Syria about their red lines which included the physical ones. The foreign relations minister told the state television in the Kremlin that their threat assessment has indicated that no such lines had been crossed. The Kremlin had issued a stern warning to the United States that the Russian military would conduct military retaliation if the airstrikes compromised Russian soldiers that have been deployed in Syria. However, the allies had informed the Russian military command to ensure that none of their service members were in the line of fire. Lavrov also said that President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump had discussions regarding the possibility of having a state visit to each of the two countries.

He also revealed that the visits had been discussed at length when the US president Donald Trump talked to President Putin on phone to congratulate him after winning the elections. The Russian foreign minister said that President Trump had indicated that he would make a state visit to the Kremlin if president Putin honored his invitation to the White House. In the past it was in the public domain that President Trump had during the telephone call to the Kremlin leader on March 20, invited president Putin to the White House. Lavrov indicated that the White House has not had any following on the invite and that Moscow is urging Washington to give the specifics about such a visit.

Lavrov indicated that President Vladimir Putin is ready for such a visit if the invitation is appropriately done with the specifics being outlined. Kremlin officials do not want to be impolite or too obtrusive at the same time. The hopes for better ties between Russia and the United States have withered amid the continuing investigation into the alleged interference of the 2016 US presidential elections by the Kremlin.

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