Stream Energy Lends a Helping Hand After Hurricane Harvey

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As an act of kindness and community support, the Stream Energy family is helping natural disaster victims in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating tropical storms to ever hit the United States, causing $200 billion in damage and affecting about 13 million people along the Gulf Coast.

Stream Energy donated $25,000 last fall to the American Red Cross in Dallas in order to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey. And the families affected by Hurricane Irma had their long-distance charges dropped for phone calls made to international victims outside of the United States.

Furthermore, Stream Energy employees ran a crowdfunding campaign to help Independent Associates that work for the company. Independent Associates are the face of the company who help introduce Stream Energy Services to potential customers. Because of the unexpected natural disaster, the company felt it was necessary to make sure that everyone affected by the hurricane received the support to get back on their feet.

Helping Dallas Recover

stream energy Dallas Hurricane Harvey was felt throughout Texas in areas outside of Houston too. Many of Stream’s customers live in Houston but also have loved ones and friends elsewhere. It was the company’s obligation to support the community that has shaped Stream Energy into what it is today.

Recovering from Harvey

Credit: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

The severe damage to local oil refineries took a toll on the local economy and will likely continue to do so for quite some time. It’s likely to take years for the city to fully recover from the storm, and even then residents will forever carry with them the memory of one of the region’s worst natural disasters.

How to Become an Independent Associate for Stream

Stream Energy Independent AssociateStream Energy will provide you with the tools to grow your business as an Independent Associate. These include specialized training, personal development advice, and access to a network of established Independent Associates.

What Is Necessary to Become an Independent Associate?

Stream Independent Associates must be over the age of 18 and have a taxpayer identification number or a social security number. Also, bring your enthusiasm, hard work, and innovative ideas to further grow the company.

Where in the United States Can I Work as an Independent Associate?

Independent Associates can share the Stream Energy experience with new team members and customers all across the United States, even if Stream’s Energy Services are not available in their states. The states that have deregulated energy markets do have Stream Energy Services. The company’s services that are available to customers nationwide include Home, Wireless, and Protective Services.

What Is My Maximum Earning Potential?

The sky’s the limit when you are an Independent Associate. There is no maximum limit to how much you can earn. The top Associates work hard to grow their business into an opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. Stream Energy welcomes all interested to apply and begin growing a new way towards financial freedom or simply earn additional income.

How Does It Work?

A Stream Independent Associate is a self-employed business entity with the support of an online back office system. Associates promote Stream Energy in their community and receive recurring income based on the number of people that enroll for Stream’s services.

This journey to entrepreneurship does not need to be experienced alone. The company’s Business Integrity Group (BIG) has plenty of information on policies and procedures to help you manage your growth.

How do I find new customers?

Stream Energy discourages door-to-door selling and cold calling marketing efforts. More proven ways to successfully present the company’s products and services can be seen through the online training and taught by the field development team.

Does the Company Hold Events?

stream energy events As an Independent Associate, Stream Energy invites you to attend its semi-annual and annual events. You can meet thousands of Associates from around the United States during these meetups. These events offer team building experiences and a chance to network with people that have already been Independent Associates some time. Furthermore, the training sessions at these events are run by experienced leaders who share their success stories. It has proven to be a great way to motivate Independent Associates and help them develop new skills.

When Is the Next Event?

Stream energy ignition Join Stream at their Ignition event from April 5 – 7 in Fort Worth, Texas. It is an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people, inspirational guests, and successful leaders. There should be plenty of entertainment and internationally-known speakers.

Do I Have to Buy Stream Energy Products?

Independent Associates are not forced to purchase Stream’s products or services to be apart of the team. All you need to do to work for Stream is the willingness to share your Stream Energy experience and services with people you know.

How Do I Learn More About Becoming an Independent Associate?

Stream’s Associate Support line is open Monday – Friday, 8 am – 6 pm Central Time. Contact Stream Energy today at 214-800-4500 to learn more about how to become a Stream Associate or visit the company’s website.






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