Johanan Rand: Innovative Therapies for Aging

Dr. Johanan Rand Finds Useful Treatment to Aging Issues

Johanan Rand offers compassionate care and innovative medical solutions to patients who suffering needlessly from the detrimental effects of aging. He has more than 15 years of experience treating people who are dealing with various symptoms related to aging. This includes a variety of symptoms that often accompany menopause and erectile dysfunction disorder. He uses only the most advanced procedures to treat these conditions in addition to his innovative weight loss program. This combination of treatments is designed to address the root cause of the problem while providing immediate relief from various symptoms. The patient education process is also an integral part of this program. Johanan Rand knows that patients who understand the process are more willing to participate fully as a member of their wellness team.


The results from this unique therapeutic model speak volumes about the insights provided by the doctor. He carefully monitors each patient to track improvements in the overall level of body fat as well as the hormone levels of each patient. The combination of hormone therapy, physical therapy, and dietary adjustments are the foundation of this approach to restoring the body to optimal health. However, he also provides additional services as necessary. As a certified practitioner of medical acupuncture, he is uniquely qualified to offer this form of instant pain relief to patients who are in physical discomfort. In addition, he is also qualified to practice steroid injections, nerve blocks, and cortisol injections. This allows him to offer each patient the solution that best fits their specific condition. This alternative is a relief to people who are interested in natural solutions for pain relief, but it also allows patients who are more comfortable with traditional remedies to benefit from the fast pain relief that comes from these safe injection procedures.


Treatment Programs, Healthy Aging Medical Center


Since there are several options for treatments at the Healthy Aging Medical Center, patients can enjoy the benefits that come from the combination approach to these therapeutic protocols. This means that they will be educated on the reasons why each part of their program interacts with other parts, which produce results that are more dramatic than each one part alone. For example, the dietary portion of the wellness program often involves the addition of the HCG diet into the usual modification of daily eating habits. The hormones in this program allow the body to experience relief from the normal hunger pangs that would ordinarily accompany a low-calorie diet. Johanan Rand’s expertise in the area of weight loss also transfers into his general anti-aging plans. As patients experience the benefits of losing weight rapidly, they often have a renewed sense of hope and optimism in the entire program.


Patient Education, Circulatory System Boost


The patient education portion of the program offers each individual a chance to become a full member of their own health care team. This is done by offering the person an individual analysis and diagnosis while also informing them about the benefits that come with completing each portion of the treatment protocol. Patients can expect to learn about their own condition in a detailed manner that also empowers them to make the daily decisions that support the intervention therapies offered at the clinic. Following the HCG diet is an important part of the process of losing weight. However, to keep the weight off requires additional activities. These insights only come from experience. This is why the process is incremental and takes place over a long period of time. For example, the human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is an effective method for removing excess fat from the body, but these benefits also need to be maintained over time. This is done by integrating appropriate physical therapy exercises into the treatment plan.


Patients often come to the clinic thinking that the physical therapy portion of the program will only address the cardiovascular system. While it is true that improving the overall circulation of blood in the body is beneficial, each person will also receive the benefits of a physical therapy plan that addresses the root cause of their problems. Ligaments are often unable to support the joints when there is an excessive buildup of adipose, or fatty tissues, for example. This often places an increased load on the joint, and the ligaments might become unable to support the demands placed upon them on a daily basis. By targeting these specific ligaments for strengthening exercises, the body can improve the overall relationship with gravity. This affects the energy levels in a significant way. The results can also be seen in the improvements in the quality of sleep, and this is often reported by Johanan Rand’s satisfied patients.


About Johanan Rand, Healthy Aging Medical Centers


Johanan Rand uses a comprehensive approach to the care of aging patients. His experience informs every aspect of his work as president and founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He is confident in this approach to treating a variety of symptoms that often accompany what is considered to be the normal aging process. This includes problems with libido, menopause, erectile dysfunction, night sweating, insomnia, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, weight gain and other problems. There are many solutions available on the market for all of these symptoms, but Johanan Rand takes a unique approach to his treatment planning because he addresses the cause of the problems at the source (


His approach to medicine includes a detailed review of the current hormonal levels of each patient. Once the normal hormone levels are restored to the levels seen when the person was young, a sudden increase in the immune system is often experienced. With a compassionate and skillful approach to caring for each patient, Johanan Rand brings the best combination of therapies possible to the people who come to him for help. His dietary programs, IV nutrition options, pain relief protocols and physical therapy regimens all work together to support the benefits that come with hormone replacement therapies. He is careful to only administer the most reliable protocols that have passed the rigorous process of peer review. This is the highest standard available for quality in the medical profession. Johanan Rand is also committed to continuing education, and he serves as a role model in this capacity (NJBioidenticalDr). Patients get to see what it is like to work with a doctor who is fully engaged in the process of lifelong learning. Start today on your own personal path to wellness. For additional information, contact one of the friendly and knowledgeable staff members at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers today.

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