Iran Must Comply with the Demands by Washington or Face Sanctions

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has threatened Tehran with the most robust economic embargo in the history of international trade. Pompeo says that the US government has given Iran a reasonable timeframe to comply with a list of demands delivered to Tehran. The State Department chief warned that Washington would not only reinstate the previous sanctions that had been lifted, they would also add other punitive measures to pressure the Iranian regime to comply. This is after an announcement by President Trump two weeks ago that the United States was withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. The deal was negotiated by European powers like Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

President Obama also signed the deal in 2015. The signing of the deal lifted the economic sanctions that had been placed on Tehran before 2015. Pompeo warned that it was just the beginning for the economic nightmares to come for the Iranian regime. The remarks by the state secretary did not point directly at regime change in Tehran. However, the speech was skewed to the fact that the people of Iran would determine their destiny. The speech also suggested that the Iranian people had the powers to end the economic pressures from the United States by electing a new government into power.

Mike Pompeo was speaking at a conservative think tank in Washington DC known as Heritage Foundation. Pompeo said that Washington would not put any timeline for the Iranian people to decide. He added that the leadership change in Tehran was a decision of the people of Iran to make. Pompeo added that it would be wonderful if the Iranian people decided for regime change as quickly as possible. However, the state secretary made it very clear that the US would stay hard on Iran until they achieve the set out outcomes.

The United States, through mike Pompeo, issued a dozen demands to Tehran. Among them, is that Iran should take a comprehensive account of its alleged past work on the development of nuclear weapons. The demands also required the Iranian regime to cease from any form of enrichment of uranium. Moreover, Washington demanded that Iran should stop the launch of ballistic missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead. Iran is also required to end both personnel, resource and logistical support to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Hamas. Washington also demands that the Iranian regime should withdraw all its troops from Syria.

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