Is Peter Jackson Bringing His Talents to the DCEU?

Peter Jackson reportedly has been approached about working on a film in the DC Cinematic Universe. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment keep looking for ways to recharge the franchise in the aftermath of the failure of Justice League. Making changes in the selection of directors has been one. Another strategy involves bringing in talented legendary professionals to helm features. The non-DCEU Joker origin story finds Martin Scorcese handling production duties. Warner Bros./DC Entertainment removed that film from the DCEU partially out of fears the DCEU label would have hurt it at the box office. Toying with the idea of making Birds of Prey an R-rated feature seems to be another interesting plan.

Hiring Peter Jackson to make a DCEU movie might be borrowed somewhat from the decisions made at other studios. Solo: A Star Wars Story suffered from a troubled production history. Two directors worked on the movie before Ron Howard was asked to complete things. Over at Paramount, disappointment over the box office returns for the new Star Trek reboot led to calling in Quentin Tarantino to direct a new feature. With so many troubled films, maybe the DCEU would greatly benefit from asking Jackson to craft a feature.

Peter Jackson’s most recent massive hits were The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy. Currently, Jackson has been fielding offers from Warner Bros. to lend an assist on the new Lord of the Rings Amazon series. Warner Bros. Entertainment owns the rights to Lord of the Rings. Drawing Jackson into the TV project in a producer’s role clearly could have a major impact on the film’s financial potential. Jackson hasn’t made any decisions regarding the Amazon series yet. Since Warner Bros. and Jackson already work well together, Warner Bros. bandied the idea of Jackson’s involvement in a DCEU film. Jackson could pass on directing. Instead, he might opt to work on story development or act in a producer’s capacity. Or, he might just pass on the whole thing and work on other projects instead.

Jackson’s name would help the box office of any comic book movie he worked on. More importantly, he may be able to help steer a DCEU project into the realm of fan acclaim. Audiences left DCEU movies disappointed. The collective disappointment at a string of poorly-made movies led to fans abandoning the DCEU when Justice League arrived. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment need help bringing them back.

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