Six States Sue the DACA Plan

The DACA program seems sure to come to an end after the federal government was taken to court over the program by seven states that are being led by Texas. For starters, the DACA program is the acronym for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program. The other six states that have sued alongside Texas include West Virginia, South Carolina, Nebraska as well as Louisiana and Arkansas. Alabama is also on this list. According to the lawsuit filed by the six states, they argue that there was overstepping of authority by the previous administration when it established the DACA program. For starters, this is a program that allowed children that had been brought to the United States illegally to stay within the borders of the United States. This happened without the approval of the United States congress. The case was filed at the Southern District of Texas United States District Court. According to the court documents, the seven states want this court to immediately do away with this program and at the same time cancel all the DACA permits that are being used at the moment. The seven states also want to make it difficult to issue more permits in the future. This would effectively see the program come to an end in the next two years.

This is not the only party that wants the program to come to an end. The Trump administration too wants the DACA program to come to an end. Nonetheless, these two parties do not see eye to eye on many issues. As for president Trump, he issued an executive order last year on September quashing the program. At the same time, he asked the Congress to draft another law that would help solve the issue completely. However, this has failed on a number of times because of the legal challenges that have been mounted by various parties. For instance, the government suffered a setback on this issue last week after a federal judge argued that the program must be kept in place. The federal judge was from Washington. He also called on the government to provide stronger reasons as to why they were abandoning the DACA program. The same ruling has been issued by judges elsewhere including Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, Calif. While speaking about the issue, Ken Paxton who is the attorney general of Texas said that the federal government was being prevented from abolishing the program by three activist judges.

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