Belgium’s Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku Display Great Football

Belgium’s win over Tunisia represented the best game that has been witnessed so far in the World Cup. Also, it may be the most outstanding soccer team in the global tournament that is currently held in Russia. It may difficult to anticipate the best team right now. However, the figures that the Belgium team presented in the weekend’s game says a lot. The Belgians beat the Africans 5-2. The win kept the Belgians at the top of England’s group. The Belgium team is set to remain there because of the goal difference. The match that Belgium displayed meant that they had come for serious business. The performance saw them grab the second win at the start of the World Cup after the host’s team.

Chelsea’s forward Eden Hazard scored two goals after Kevin De Bruyne gave him a magnificent pass that he professionally controlled and netted. So far, De Bruyne, the Manchester City’s midfielder has reached top soccer performance form in this World Cup. On the other hand, Belgium’s Lukaku matched the Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo as the players with the most number of goals in the tournament. The true impressiveness of the Belgium squad was not just the display nor the numbers of goals that they netted. The level at which the team was attacking was spectacular. It left the African team helpless. At the beginning of the game, there were faults, but it was not too late for everything they had worked for started to fall in place. This was almost never true after the team was unable to convert two goals and one super save from the Tunisian goalkeeper.

Super substitute Mitch Batshuayi, who is currently on loan with Germany’s side Borussia Dortmund, managed to net his own goal after a series of unsuccessful trials. The opponents were unable to match the brilliance that Belgium displayed. The tempered Tunisia team suffered back to back. They were unable to stage a fight that matched Belgium’s excellent plays. The Africans seemed so nervous from the kick-off. They looked open for Belgium to try and see for loop-holes. They also had silly tempers that led them to commit stupid errors that further facilitated their defeat. In this case, it was a penalty that was gracefully converted by Eden Hazard.

The same happened during their match with England. Harry Kane scored an early goal against Tunisia just four minutes after the Kick-off. The Tunisian defender Syam Ben took down the magnificent Eden Hazard who braced himself and then converted the penalty.

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