Daughter and Mother Severely Injured in a Boardwalk Scooter Crash

An 11-year-old girl and her mother that were visiting California from Arizona were severely injured while they were riding a motorized scooter along the Mission Beach boardwalk. The tragic accident occurred at the foot of Santa Barbra boardwalk. The mother and daughter were riding the scooter without a helmet, which is very illegal. The accident occurred just a month after the city council of San Diego voted against an emergency decree that would have barred the motorized scooters on boardwalks. The city council carried a meeting on Tuesday that involved a public session. In the meeting, the father of the 11-year-old criticized the city council for allowing motorized scooters to ride on boardwalks.

Dan Dewitt revealed that he had attended the meeting to table his concern over the council’s decision not to ban the riding of motorized scooters on boardwalks. Dan reported that his young girl had a ruptured spleen and she also experienced internal bleeding. He went on to say that she also suffered head injuries. His ex-wife was banged unconscious during the misfortune, and she will be facing a long recovery time after she met several fractures on her skull. Dan didn’t stop there. He went on to reveal that the beach boardwalks were not the right place to ride such high-speed types of equipment like motorized scooters. He pleaded with the city council to revoke their decision and immediately ban the riding of motorized scooters on boardwalks. Dan reported that he had been a firefighter for over 17 years now. If the scooters aren’t taken off the sidewalks, the community will suffer more.

A council member had earlier proposed that the emergency ordinance after several complaints were tabled. Many complained about the safety concerns of the riders and the pedestrians who were walking nearby. Lorie Zapf, the council member, was very saddened after she learnt about the accident that occurred because of the life-threatening scooters. The accident was even worse as it involved a mother and her 11-year-old girl. Lorie went on to reveal that the office of the council will partner with their staff so that they can address the emergency ordinance issue. However, the majority of the committee didn’t support the idea. Nevertheless, they had already seen the reason as to why the rule should be revoked. Lories addressed the staff members to sit down and think about the matter seriously as the lives of the community are in great danger.

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