Firefighters Do More Than Put Out Fires

Firefighters often do more for the community than put fires out at homes and businesses. They sometimes hold fundraisers to support those who are unable to pay medical bills and respond to car accidents to ensure that everyone in the vehicles is safe until other emergency officials arrive. A group of firemen in Henrietta delivered something special to someone who placed an order and wasn’t able to receive his food. After the firemen arrived on the scene of a traffic accident involving two vehicles, one being a pizza delivery driver, they noticed that there was a pizza in the passenger seat that needed to reach its destination.

The pizza wasn’t damaged during the accident, so some of the firefighters found out the address and took it to the man who ordered the pie. The firefighters did wait on the scene until the delivery driver was removed from the car and safely taken to a local hospital before they made the delivery. A post on Facebook detailed the accident and how the firefighters delivered the pizza.

When the customer opened his front door, he was surprised to see a firetruck instead of a pizza delivery vehicle. However, he was thankful that the men would go out of their way just to ensure that he received his order. The firefighters offered thanks to the customer as well for placing an order so that he wouldn’t risk starting a fire in his home. People in the community started making comments about the actions of the fire department and how proud they were of all of them, cheering them on so that they would continue to do acts of kindness in the future. Fortunately, the drivers involved in the accident only had minor injuries and were released from the hospital a short time after they arrived.

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