German-US face-off: Immigration Issues

For a long time now, issues of immigration in the US have heated up the administration. Many people from Central America and other countries are seeking habitats in America. In some states like California, natives have been raising concerns on the number of non-citizens living there. This called for the ban against immigration from some political leaders and organizations. The United States has been home for refugees from Syria and Iran. However, harsh prohibitions were placed on these two countries due to security issues.

During the Obama regime, the federal court stopped the government’s approach to dealing with migrants. Border patrol agents had been instructed to detain migrants who were caught crossing the border. The fed court claimed it inhuman to place migrants under detention convicted of no offence. During the period of his campaign in 2015, President Donald Trump had promised to institute harsh laws restricting aliens from crossing the US borders. When he took office in 2016, Trump fulfilled his promise to the people pinning the new regulations on enhancing America’s security.

Among the laws instituted to curb immigration included separation of children from their parents. When migrants are crossing the American border with their children, the bill calls for border patrol agents to capture adults and allow children in. These parents are detained after their capture. This actions of separating children from their parents have been criticized by many people including Trump’s wife, Melania. In her statement, she expressed her pain in place during separation thus calling the Trump’s administration to govern with a heart.

Since taking office in 2017, Trump has been condemning Germany’s immigration policies. Through his tweets, he attacked Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel who’s against returning migrants at Germany’s border patrol. Trump has been falsely accusing Democrats of passing these immigration laws. Opposition to this policies has been echoed by the ex-first lady, Laura Bush seconded by Franklin Graham, an evangelical minister. Following his tweet attacking the European Union, MEPs have reacted and condemned Trump’s immigration policies.

A French MEP, Arnud Danjean and Viktor Orbán who serves as the Hungarian prime minister, support Trump’s tweets stating that the US president is endorsing European deliberate sovereignty. Merkel and her interior minister have been opposing institution of new immigration limits and policies. The fate of migrants lies in her hands with a two-week deadline. Many of the leaders are up of turning migrants away at the border and tight rules instituted. Merkel echoed the negative image that would be portrayed if this law was passed.

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