Melania Trump calls for Rule of law and Empathy on Immigration Issue

The ongoing standoff between the US administration and a host of members of the public and other organizations has seen the US first lady weigh in. On Sunday, Mrs. Trump issued a statement seeking to clarify her position, one that was seen as mediatory, seeking to bring together the two opposing sides.

In her statement, she describes the fact that it is not in her best interests to see families separated at the US border. She expressed her hopes that a successful immigration reform deal would be reached at by the parties in contest, a deal which according to her statement would see the families kept together.

Further, according to the statement that was offered by her spokesperson, she seemed to acknowledge the need for an immigration reform but sought to have her idea of a comprehensive and agreeable deal put across. In part, she called for the country to be governed with heart while ensuring that that rule of the law is followed.

Her statement was contrasted to that of the attorney general who earlier on had said that the administration would show zero tolerance to persons caught contravening the US policies on immigration. According to Sessions, the law does allow for immigrants to enter the country, only that they have to be well documented to prevent instances of illegal immigrants. The administration seeks to have families caught crossing the border illegally to be prosecuted and have the children separated from their families as a way of deterring such illegal immigrants.

The attorney general also defended the policy citing the fact that parents cannot be offered immunity from prosecution if they enter the country in contravention to the law.

The policy has been highly contested by members of the public and other lawmakers who oppose the move. Congressional members from New Jersey and New York on Sunday paid a visit to a detention facility in New Jersey. The facility is said to be hosting and holding parents whose entry in the US is deemed to have been illegal and whose children were withdrawn from them. The leaders unanimously held their position that a better way of handling children of immigrants has to be devised to prevent the ordeals that their families go through.

According to Department of Homeland Security records, over 1940 adults were between April 19th and May 31st separated from their children.

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