The Rebranding of the Pacific US military Command

There has been a finely tuned tension between Washington and Beijing. These tensions have risen due to the need by China to militarize the South China Sea. The US has its military supervising the military operations in Asia. In an announcement made on Wednesday by the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the famous US Pacific Command will change its name to US Indo-Pacific Command. Mattis made this announcement during a change of guard celebration held in Hawaii. The command’s center of operations is located in the Asian continent. This move was made in credit to the growing connectivity between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

According to Mattis, the US Indo-Pacific Command happens to be the chief combatant command with a capability of watching over half of the earth’s surface. He continued to emphasize on the command’s ability to engage diverse populace from the West to Africa and the Arctic as well as the Antarctic regions. In short, it’s an eye that sees all over the world.

The changing and renaming of the command since Wednesday has brought a reshuffle in the US governance. Admiral Harry Harris, who had been overseeing these operations, was appointed as South Korean’s US ambassador. The US president then appointed Admiral Phillip Davidson to head the Indo-Pacific Command. This command oversees the control and command of 375,000 US service members and officers.

An augmented audacity of China’s military seems to be driving force to the changes in these operations. Both Washington and New Delhi express this concern. The two have been increasing cooperation in the defense cooperation among other varying areas. US officials have further explained that changing the name is important as it reflects enhanced responsibility of the command in the areas it covers. The coverage of the authority consists of 36 nations on top of both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Beijing has been claiming to own the South China Sea hence facing opposition from the US and majority of the global community. Following these tensions, the command base was rebranded to counter best with these heightened actions. In a report given by the US officials over the past few months, the Chinese military is said to have commenced preparations on resistance. The Spratly and Woody Islands are some of the places where the Chinese army has started the course of action by landing a nuclear-capable aircraft and other war gadgets. The Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Chris Logan thus denied China involvement in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise while allowing Vietnam, India and the Philippines. In addition to this, the US sailed two warships on Sunday past the disputed islands which angered Beijing.

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