Tired of Trying to Remember All of Your Passwords You Use? Try OneLogin’s Single Sign-On Service


Websites all over the web commonly use a means to sign-in, granting a user admittance to extra services or features. From huge social media agencies to a small-town credit union, most organizations and businesses require users to be involved in some kind of sign-in procedure.


It’s essential that web developers are able to transfer such operations and data from one website to another. It’s of the utmost important to use single sign-on (SSO) authentication.


What’s do SSO Services Entail?


An SSO service facilitates efficient sharing of data over multiple domains. It does this with a central domain where data can be readily transferred among various websites. Additionally, SSO provides a convenient way for businesses to handle an ever-expanding record of users over many kinds of apps and services.


How Can Companies Benefit From an SSO Service?


An organization may think about distributing session knowledge over multiple platforms. However, this generates a wide array of possible safety concerns from origin policies. Therefore, cookies and other significant data sets would only be available with the domain that initially asked for the information.


This creates constraints and a large variety of issues for those trying to operate with more than one website.


Why is OneLogin’s SSO Favorable?


OneLogin has built a single sign-on portal for users that just requires entering a single set of information in order to sign-in to web-based application and firewall protected apps. Additionally, OneLogin provides users with the utility to sign-in from multiple situations from desktops, laptops or smartphones. Numerous reasons come to mind for why an organization would want to think about using OneLogin’s SSO service.


Managing Confidential Data in a Secure and Safe Way


It’s common to be focused on making sure confidential knowledge is protected during the sign-in process on various services and multiple locations. With that in mind, OneLogin constructed it’s SSO with security and confidentiality in mind. OneLogin’s SSO process implements a multi-factor authentication and a policy-based password, serving to assure that just approved users can sign-in.


Excellent for Convenience


OneLogin’s SSO service also places emphasis on efficiency. For example, people executing OneLogin Desktop are able to log-in using their details and get access to any applications both on desktop and laptop devices. This is the biggest feature that saves time from needing to enter sign-in credentials over and over during the times when you’re using more than one device.


The Involvement of Personal Applications


It’s expected for users to want access to personal apps with these types of situations. These are different from other apps which oftentimes produce issues for some SSO services. With that in mind, OneLogin’s SSO allows users to quickly use any other related personal apps with the SSO portal.


International Language Availability


Not all companies have users which are just positioned in the United States. A lot of businesses are striving diligently to make sure that their range spreads across the globe. Knowing that it’s crucial to have the capacity to grant an SSO for global users in their native semantics. Fortunately, OneLogin provides an SSO portal which supports 21 languages, to be sure. Additionally, OneLogin automatically couples the sign-in language to the browser configurations of the user.


Most organizations have a hard time managing sign-in data over many domains. To grant both users and workers with an overall improved experience, many businesses will decide to employ a single sign-on authentication. While you’re considering which SSO service to use, it’s good to think about the one OneLogin offers.


One Sign-in for Every App


Using a single sign-on portal from OneLogin, people only need to provide one set of information to gain entrance to cloud-based apps or secured apps using a desktop, smartphone or tablet. One thing is for sure, there’s so much of our data susceptible to risk. OneLogin’s policies and authentication procedures guarantee that just authorized users will gain access to private info. You can apply more or less demanding password systems with things like complexity, restrictions on reusing passwords, required length and session timeout.

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