Trump and California clash in Court over the Sanctuary State Bill.

There were fierce protests that were going on outside the courtroom. The nation was also concerned over the federal border policies that were separating minors from their families. The Trump administration and the California state lawyers faced in the hotly debated case in a court in Sacramento on Wednesday. This was the first leg of the legal test of the sanctuary state law in California that is set to restrict cooperation with the federal immigration authorities. Advocates that represented the Federal government debated in day-long court session over the by-passing immigration laws and Senate Bill 54. The lawyers said that the State of California had vied from its Powers. The state of California counter attacked saying that the state had the ability to adjust its law implementation actions as it wished.

The Trump administration on the other hand was entirely seeking an injunction to put an end to the laws. The lawyers argued that the State was asserting and were violating the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution. They went on to say that California lacked the authority to intentionally meddle with United States government capability to administer Immigration violations. The Acting Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Chad A. Readler, said that the state was crystal clear that it had signed and passed the bill that allowed them to meddle with federal immigration enforcement. Chad went on to say that, the State of California was being asked not to blanket a prohibition on voluntary cooperation with the Trump administration.

The United States District Judge A. Mendez was asked by the California Attorneys to dismiss the Trump’s Administration lawsuit. The Attorneys argued that the laws didn’t place any restriction on the federal government. Therefore, the administration was not in a lawful position to dictate how the State was to spend its resources.

The hearing ignited the attention on conflicting polar tactics to illegal immigration in liberal date of California and by Donald’s Trumps White House. Both sides met in a superior court despite a political argument that was considered a nationwide outcry from the Democrats. They protested over the federal policy that prosecuted more illegal border crossings and efficiently isolated thousands of minors from their undocumented families in the process.

There was a significant clash between the Protestants before the court session began. Pro-immigrants shouted and chanted ‘no wall, no ban, and sanctuary for all.’ The shouting and disagreements between the Protestants went on outside the courthouse for a while before they finally silenced to follow the court proceedings.

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