Aquaman to Search for Classic Trident

We now have confirmation that no, that five-pronged weapon that Aquaman had in Justice League is not a redesign of his classic trident, but rather, that finding the real one will be a major part of his solo film.

In the comics, Aquaman (human Arthur Curry, also known as Orin) is the King of Atlantis, traditionally carries around the Trident of Neptune, one of the seven sacred relics of his undersea kingdom. It gives him various powers, including controlling the ocean and weather and shooting electricity. However, the Justice League gave Aquaman (played here by Jason Momoa) a five-pronged weapon (called a quindet, apparently) that does not seem to have any special powers of its own.

According to JoBlo, which visited the set of Aquaman, the quindet does have a certain significance, though—it belonged to Aquaman’s Atlantean mother, Queen Atlanna (Nicole Kidman). How he gets his hands on it remains to be seen, given that he was not raised underwater but rather with his human father.

In the upcoming movie, Aquaman will have to vie with his half-brother, Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) over control of Atlantis, all while Orm also plans to start a war with the surface world. While Orm tries to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis for his plan, Aquaman and his love interest, Mera (Amber Heard) will apparently go on a quest to find the classic trident, which is now assorted with Atlan, the first king of Atlantis.

“The time has come to pass on my legacy,” a message from Atlan says. “If you seek my power, you must prove your worth.”

This is a bit of a change from the New 52 comics, which the movie is largely based on; in that version, Atlan (aka the Dead King) actually comes back to life and challenges Aquaman for the throne, and turns out to be the one who sunk Atlantis to boot. Presumably the movie will leave out all that unpleasantness, given that we already have Orm and Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) to worry about. Besides, gotta save something for the sequel.

The movie is set for release on December 21. Its first trailer will be released during San Diego Comic-Con; this is a bit late, but director James Wan noted that it had a lot of difficult underwater scenes that they had to make just right.

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